Tietoevry India : Empowering Enterprises with Intelligent Automation Solutions for Optimized Business Processes

Tietoevry India : Empowering Enterprises with Intelligent Automation Solutions for Optimized Business Processes

CIO Vendor The use of automation is rapidly increasing and cloud based Robotics as a Service (RaaS) has made it easier for businesses to adopt automation tools. The accounting and IT sectors have seen the most implementation of automation to minimize manual work and improve efficiency. Tietoevry is the largest Nordic IT Group, and a prominent technology company that aims to create purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good.

Based on its core values of openness, trust, and diversity, the team works with its customers to develop digital futures where businesses, societies, and humanity thrive. Tietoevry Create India's flagship solution for Intelligent Automation, RIA (Robotic Intelligent Automation), is economical and uses open-source frameworks and libraries. RIA contains capabilities like a Low-Code No-Code editor and Orchestrator that are also found in other high-end RPA products. The ability to use the strength of open-source Python modules for AI/ML implementations is a distinct advantage in its case. Additionally, Tietoevry Create India's provides customized solutions in many sectors, including Banking, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and Insurance.

Unlike Application development, it is slightly difficult to handle automation projects. This is because every automation project involves change management, change across business flows, and people's mindset. Throughout the engagement, the technical team must work closely with the project sponsor and business stakeholders so that they are aligned and ready to adapt to the change before it goes to production. The engagement begins with a business process assessment and discussion with stakeholders, SMEs, and technical leads to identify optimization areas. Suitable automation candidates are then identified, and a roadmap is derived after calculating RoI, critical businesses, and complex systems. Finally, automation candidates are taken in waves to develop and deploy, followed by a Hypercare phase of 2-4 weeks to improve accuracy, address exceptions and errors, and train the client's team on the efficient use of the bot.
Teams at Tietoevry Create India operate in different roles while utilizing solutions like Power Automate, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and RIA. The business consulting team starts early in engagements and works on business process assessment/process mining/RoI/ change management. Business analysts work on implementation, focusing on indepth requirement analysis, As-Is, and To-be process flows. Architects participate in early engagements and focus on architecture and design, while developers are responsible for implementing bots. Additionally, it has a governance team consisting of leaders from business and technology who ensure that projects follow best practices and standards. Its 24,000 experts worldwide specialize in cloud, data, and software, serving multiple customers in over 90 countries. This well-established structure and competency are helping it to acquire new customers and grow with existing ones.

Tietoevry Create India employs an agile approach to handle change management & gain a competitive advantage through automation

"Initially, the team faced challenges but focused on the 3Cs- Competency, Capability, and Capacity. It collaborated with business units to gain insight into business processes and automation areas and developed assets/proof of concepts to secure projects. The team then engaged with potential customers keen on having Bots developed for their industry specific cases. The experience was positive, and the firm is now well-established in the US and Europe markets", shares Ramana Venkata Nakka, Director and Head of Intelligent Automation, Tietoevry Create India.

Tietoevry Create India is focusing on strengthening its capability in Hyperautomation and working closely with customers to develop intelligent solutions. These solutions include document type classification, object detection capability, key-value pair extraction, integration of Large Language Model (LLM) like ChatGPT, or accelerators in the Insurance, Healthcare, and Banking sectors. As a result, the organization has a promising pipeline of opportunities, and its roadmap for Intelligent Automation is clear for the next three years.