PubSkoler: Leveraging Hyperautomation to Minimize Time-to-Publish for Research Articles

PubSkoler: Leveraging Hyperautomation to Minimize Time-to-Publish for Research Articles

CIO Vendor The hyperautomation valued at $12.5 billion in 2024 is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 19.80 percent to reach a valuation of $31.95 billion by the year 2029. With hyper-automation impac-ting diverse industries, the publication industry is benefiting from it quite significantly.

Advantages like reduced time to publication, easy-to use cloud-based authoring solutions which further help refine research outcomes, and AI-assisted language and scientific editing capabilities, make hyper-automation a remarkable platform for the publication sector. PubSkoler, a tech-driven venture, stands as a pioneer in this sector with its first-of-its-kind approach in building an entire business solution for the publishing industry worldwide.

AI-Assisted One Platform

Contrary to the platform that are being built by conventional publishing services, which tend to build AI toolsets in silos, thereby limiting the platform’s capabilities, PubSkoler's platform, by virtue of being designed by a dedicated tech firm can extend to any content creation or management for Pharma, Life Science, Manufacturing, as well as other industries. The company’s unique platform creates an intuitive and interactive experience by leveraging multiple sophisticated technologies like AI and NLP, which augment and expand user interaction, impacting the Human Humanoid relationship.

“Our virtual assistant, Edi, holds immense knowledge and has the capability to continuously learn using various in-built AI/ML algorithms and beyond doubt is capable of helping while carrying out the individual tasks. The process stakeholders shall find her as a true partner by confidently judging her recommendations at any complex situation while processing the publication.
Our platform actively directs clients towards the cutting edge processes which allows them to publish journals in the fastest and most efficient way, without restrictions”, shares Ganesh Swaminathan, CEO & MD.

The key feature of PubSkoler's platform is its ability to improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Quality of publishing consistently. Users can effectively track changes across stages and correspond smoothly back and forth among various stakeholders through seamless collaboration communication modules. Furthermore, the platform offers customizable workflows without the need for depending on any third party software. Offering interactive reports, KOLs, exporting abilities, and resource management, it helps increase productivity. Moreover, the Cloud-based SaaS setup allows for access from anywhere, which further helps in collaborations with others located in different parts of the world.

Integrating Scalability Features

“Our AI tools use deep learning models to detect missing citations, contextual issues, style issues, and science-related language problems. Process mining and task mining tools help identify and prioritize automation opportunities. Integrated business logic tools help to adapt and reuse automations. Every edit is tracked and reversible till the final approval. Our AI-assisted comprehensive workflow solutions offer a completely transformative interface in getting the publishing carried out. Moreover, it generates multi-fold continuous improvement through our process and task mining and learning models”, further shares Ganesh.

PubSkoler's range of tools powered by hyper automation as SaaS for publishing research articles are unique in their scalable nature and ability for carrying out data driven processes, offering features like project configuration, inventory management, user permission administration, dynamic reporting modules, dashboard, job assignment and allocation, and others which help with streamlining overall workflow management. The platform’s afford ability resulting from relatively inexpensive installation and maintenance further solidifies its position as the preferred choice.

With a range of exciting and efficiency promoting features already built into the platform, PubSkoler is planning to further refine it by incorporating a bundle of new innovations like end-to end Book Publishing Workflow Management Systems, knowledge based solutions for corporate clients as well as Academic Institutions and Universities.