NICE: Improving Business Operations With All-Encompassing AI Based RPA Solution

NICE: Improving Business Operations With All-Encompassing AI Based RPA Solution

CIO Vendor Today, consumer markets are getting increasingly sophist-icated, technologically smart, and demanding. Just as cognitive technology can be accessed from their pockets, becoming an integral part of their lifestyles; consumers are expecting service providers as well as the organisations they work for, to integrate and leverage cognitive technology. With more intelligent and demanding customers, RPA has become an essential technology to assist organisations in developing and improving customer experiences while effectively streamlining operational efficiencies to remain competitive. With this, the contemporary digital reality has increased the pressure on contact centre operations and service providers to produce more tailored, real-time client experiences.

This is where NICE aims to bring breakthrough by bringing the capabilities of NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) providing Frictionless User Experience extending key innovative capabilities like embedded onscreen web callouts for more seamless real-time agent guidance, an AI-powered business insights dashboard for accelerated and efficient decision making, and a next-generation connectivity watchdog that identifies disruptions, analyzes their business impact, and recommends the best option for repair.

NEVA Assist, the desktop interface provides employees with real-time next-best-action guidance to improve efficiency, compliance, and upsell opportunities & comes with NEVA In-App user interface which is embedded in a prominent on-screen location in call center applications used by employees every day & removes friction in employee activities while maintaining all of NEVAs intelligent capabilities, ensuring a seamless, consistent end-toend experience.

NEVA Unattended is NICE's virtual workforce, comprising server-based robots that can perform a range of repetitive, admin driven processes without human intervention freeing users from dull, repetitive ordinary work that prevents them from producing remarkable work & to unearth greater productivity potential, NEVA Discover brings an AI powered desktop analytics solution that gathers rich, unbiased data about your workforce’s desktop activities enabling organizations to locate, classify, and prioritize repeated patterns in employees' desktop activity.
NEVA ‘understands’ the context of the interaction or the process, she knows whether the customer being handled is a VIP customer needed special attention or a customer at risk who now needs to be presented with a retention offer. NEVA can be integrated with the organization’s chat bot, so employees can chat with her and ‘tell’ her what they need. NEVA even knows which CRM application is required for an automation, even when the employee has three instances of CRM opened on his desktop.

"Another differentiator worth mentioning is the fact that NICE is a portfolio company, with solutions for speech analytics, VOC, Performance Management, interaction recording and much more. This allows us to create internal integrations within our portfolio, and our existing customer base enjoys these additional benefits from having an automation solution by NICE.

Our automation solutions are based on our 30 years of contact center/customer experience. We used our experience to create an enterprise-grade platform that meets the most stringent security standards and has shown its scalability in the market's largest automation projects", says Gunjan Khetarpal, RPA Solutions Manager APAC.

“We are the global leader in attended automation, drawing on our years of experience in the contact centre market to craft solutions that address the complexities of desktop processes. As a strong innovator, we are also investing heavily in the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities", Gunjan adds.

NICE’s vision is to bring automation for the people – which is bringing together the flawless execution of robots with the human empathy and problem-solving capabilities

NICE takes pride in developing the automation market by incorporating many in-house AI innovations into RPA. Shape Analysis is another unique tool developed by NICE to support RPA tool interaction with underlying applications. Shape Analysis uses computer vision to identify screen objects based on their shape and content. This is especially important when RPA is implemented in a Citrix environment and there is no direct connection to the application.

With the potential to grow RPA, these developments demonstrate the company's strong dedication to its clients' success.