Propero: Increasing Efficiency & Process Accuracy Through RPA

Propero: Increasing Efficiency & Process Accuracy Through RPA

CIO Vendor The global intelligent automation market is expected to reach revenue of $300 billion by 2025. Over the years, automation with robots has become prevalent in factories across the world. A similar scale growth is possible in digital automation for office tasks. Digital transformation has become the key agenda for companies to remain competitive by delivering better, retaining talent, and ensuring sustainable margins in the business. Therefore, clients want the robotic process automation solution providers to understand their business process, provide the right tool, provide a way to maintain the automation and ensure good oversight of the deployed bot and monitor the performance matrix.

This is where Pune-based Propero comes into the picture. Propero is a certified Robocorp partner that helps its clients leverage RPA benefits with a fully extensible open-source RPA platform. When it comes to process understanding, Propero not only tries to understand the AS-IS process but also suggests the changes to the process to ensure that it can be run seamlessly by bots leveraging best practices from other industries using similar business processes and also finding adjacent opportunities.

Enterprise-Grade Security & Scalability Infrastructure
Propero is a Robocorp certified partner, which has a disruptive pricing model where the company’s clients pay only for the amount of time that the bots (digital workers) run. With this disruptive platform, partners are empowered to deliver RobotsAs-A-Service (RaaS) to their end customers. Robocorp has enterprise grade security and scalability infrastructure and is suitable for all industry sizes. It comes with Robocorp cloud with a dashboard for governance and other developersfriendly infrastructure, with Python as the main language to extend and create a specific solution using the best document processing, machine learning, business intelligence, and other powerful libraries.
“We are a startup focused on RPA as a service business model with a clear and exclusive partnership with the best solution we believe", says Lokendra Panwar, Founder & CEO, Propero. “With Robocorp on our side, we are positioned to help small and medium businesses leverage the power of automation without spending huge amounts on licensing costs which are typically based on per bot or per user. We are a recognized startup under DPIITs startup India program and constantly looking to innovate in the chosen direction", he adds.

Consumption-Based Pricing
Propero is exclusively focused on providing the best-in-class RPA support to its customers using Robocorp as a tool. Robocorp is a very powerful and flexible open-source solution that has venture backing to support its growth and adoption. With consumption-based pricing as key differentiator, there is no complex licensing policy to worry about. Secondly, with Robocorp’s cloud infrastructure Propero is able to provide RPA in a truly SaaS way. As a young startup Propero is highly focused on delivering true value to its customers. The company is also creating job opportunities in newer places such as Agartala in the northeast, Gwalior, and Mandsuar in MP. Propero is a remote-first company and supports work from anywhere.

“Propero has emerged a leader within Robocorp’s partner ecosystem in-part because of their innovative adoption of the RaaS business model for their clients. This model removes the expensive upfront costs, licensing, and ongoing maintenance that is typically associated with RPA projects, making software automation both accessible and higher ROI for companies of all types. We are proud to back their successful and innovative deployments with our purposebuilt infrastructure, as we look ahead to many future wins together with them and their customers.” says Peter Steube, Head of Global Partners & Alliances, Robocorp.

The Road Ahead
“As a company, we are looking at doubling our strength in the next two years and be able to rent out a significant number of Digital Workers to companies of different sizes using our Robot-As-A-Service model. We will continue to innovate the best delivery and governance model around Digital Workers,” concludes Lokendra Panwar.