Transcloud Labs: Enabling Clients to Reimagine Cloud Transformation Journey

Transcloud Labs: Enabling Clients to Reimagine Cloud Transformation Journey

CIO Vendor Migrating to the public cloud and leveraging its power to fuel growth is a trending topic among organizations, today. While organizations are seizing on the cloud as the key enabler to complete their digital transformation, the pandemic has further augmented this mandate. One such cloud provider that helps cloud adopters to improve efficiency and agility, reduce cost, participate in new business models and capture new market opportunities is Google Cloud. Therefore, organizations that navigate this change rapidly, make the right choices, and engage with the right partners to augment their own capabilities would be the ones that would achieve successful end-to-end digital transformation.

Establishing value in all client engagements
One such company that excels in offering Cloud technology services is Chennai-based Transcloud Labs. As a Google Cloud Services & Reselling partner Transcloud is one of the Top-3 Google Cloud partners in India and has expertise in 25+ areas, endorsed across workloads, technologies, and industries. Transcloud has successfully catered to the requirements of clients across large and small companies and has been able to establish value in all the engagements.

“Cloud adoption is a journey and not a one-time process. In most of our projects, we have worked with the clients in their cloud adoption journey starting from building the foundation, assessment, modernization, training workshops, and managed services too,” states Lenoj, Co-Founder, Transcloud.

While solving a given problem statement and giving the right solution is one part, most often customers look for a maintainable solution that follows industry standards, and provides justification for the solutions that are being proposed to them. “We realize this as the key strength we possess,” explains Lenoj. “There are always many ways to solve a problem, and we prefer to discuss all the possible
solutions with our customers and arrive at a solution, that is accepted by the clients,” he adds.

Strong deliverable capabilities
As a Cloud Specialist technology company, Transcloud ensures that its processes and methods are transparent and follows industry best practices when implementing the solutions. The company’s accelerators and secured landing zones have helped in faster time to market. Transcloud is working towards their specialization recognized, which is not just the highest level of recognition in Google Cloud but also a recognition given to partners who possess strong deliverable capabilities.

What sets Transcloud apart from the other players in this segment is the company’s Google Cloud-specific accelerators and frameworks around Modernization, DevOps, and Data Engineering that have helped customers to follow standardized processes to build and deploy highly reliable systems in the cloud.

Companies ranging from born-in-the-cloud digital natives to world-class enterprises work with and rely on us for their end-to-end cloud adoption

Delivering projects with no compromises
Starting from the founders, everyone in the team is certified professionally and is trained in modern tool sets such as Anthos, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Spinnaker, Terraform, BigQuery, Airflow, Hadoop, and Cloud-native services.

Transcloud plans to grow its lead generation and business development practices with a strong focus to ease the digitization and cloud adoption for businesses and be efficient in all ways possible. The company has been continuing to invest in developing more accelerators and bringing up a strong motivated and professionally certified team. Transcloud’s training methodology has been thoughtfully refined over time and this has helped the team to get equipped with the relevant skills.