Fujitsu Named 'Competitive IT Strategy Company' for 2017 By CIOReview Team

Fujitsu Named 'Competitive IT Strategy Company' for 2017

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 01 June 2017, 05:07 IST

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Fujitsu today announced that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. have selected it as a 2017 "Competitive IT Strategy Company."

"Competitive IT Strategy Company" is a designation given to companies that work to strategically use IT in order to improve medium- to long-term corporate value, from among companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in each industry category.

Fujitsu has this year been selected from the electronic appliances industry due to a high evaluation of its initiatives, including data-driven management, human resource empowerment, and open innovation.

As industry structures and business models are changing with unprecedented speed due to the rapid development of ICT, Fujitsu will continue to execute a competitive IT strategy that leads to greater corporate value and enhanced competitiveness, from a perspective of medium- to long-term management.

In addition, by reflecting the results of internal implementations and experience into its solutions and services, Fujitsu is contributing to competitive IT strategy for its customers as a digital innovation partner.

Efforts toward Competitive IT Strategy

1. Data-driven management

Fujitsu is promoting data-driven management with the goal of achieving agile and accurate decision making, seeing data utilization and technology as a source of competitive strength. First, in order to unify the data that was scattered across its internal systems, Fujitsu is migrating over 640 information systems, both inside and outside Japan, to its cloud platform beginning in 2015. On top of that, it is continually working to rethink its systems and to link and integrate its data. In addition, it has established a dedicated organization to pioneer data-driven management under the supervision of top management, and is using a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including AI and predictive technologies, to handle tasks such as the unification of management information and demand prediction. Moreover, the practical experience of this dedicated organization is being spread throughout the company, with the goal of raising the level of data utilization capabilities across the whole company.

2. Human resource empowerment

In an era undergoing intense changes, Fujitsu aims to have each employee acting autonomously under a clear vision and management direction. As part of creating an environment to achieve this, Fujitsu has, since 2010, been consolidating its Global Communication Platform, which visualizes human resources, as each of the approximately 160,000 employees around the globe can list their skills and experience on dedicated personal sites, and makes possible the execution of operations across organizations, enabling communication and collaboration unrestricted by the time or country where an employee is located. The internal social networking community built on this platform currently exceeds 4,400 people, promoting projects and interaction crossing job, industry, and national boundaries. Employees can connect with each other, as well as with key people outside the company, with the goal of executing highly creative tasks, getting the information they need anytime, anywhere.

3. Open Innovation

Fujitsu is promoting the personnel development and space creation that are key to succeeding with digital transformation, and advancing open innovation that brings in outside customers and consumers. Based on the idea that real spaces for sharing information and co-creation are even more necessary in the digital era, Fujitsu has launched four websites that share trends in business and innovation due to digitalization, and hints for and examples of resolving issues in society, with the goal of transforming the consciousness of employees and aggregating internal and external knowledge. In addition, Fujitsu has already established ten facilities intended to add new dimensions to discussions impossible in existing meeting rooms, including experiences with cutting-edge devices and technologies, such as 3D printers and drones, depending on needs, with plans to open an eleventh facility in this fiscal year. By holding lively activities such as hackathons in these spaces for co-creation, Fujitsu is accelerating open innovation between personnel within the company, and with key people outside it, transforming its corporate culture to create new value through co-creation.

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