Henson Group: Accelerating The Cloud Migration Journey

Henson Group: Accelerating The Cloud Migration Journey

CIO Vendor Thousands of companies are migrating their processes and applications to Azure since it allows organizations to modernize their applications and focus more on their business innovations. Not just that, Azure also helps in reducing infrastructure costs with free extended security updates and strengthens the security posture by meeting the compliance certifications of any cloud provider. However, moving to the cloud is not an easy task as companies are faced with numerous challenges during their journey and are unable to obtain migration services and solutions according to their requirements.

This is where New York headquartered Henson Group comes into the picture. Henson Group, an award winning “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” offers services such as deployment of Microsoft technologies for both Indian and international clients. Since Henson Group is a privately owned company with no outside investors, the company has complete control on providing solutions as per the customer requirements, which helps the clients in reaching their goals and maximizing their profits as well.

Henson’s Azure Migrations team helps customers migrate their existing workloads from on-premise, Rackspace or other clouds to a Microsoft Azure Datacenter or Azure Stack. The company also helps clients migrate existing workloads in Azure IaaS to Azure PaaS that includes IoT, Data Factory, PowerBI, ML, Cosmos DB, AI and Data Lake.

Six steps of the Azure Migration Process
Henson Group helps clients accelerate their cloud migration journey with the six step process. The very first step begins with the discovery and identification of on-premises VMs and app dependencies. After this, the team maps dependencies across applications and decides their priority for cloud migration and comes up with the migration plan. Once the migration plan is ready, the remediation team assists the clients with resolving mitigation issues and moves the client’s apps, data and infrastructure
using proven methodology and tools while minimizing downtime and risk. Once all the data is migrated to the cloud, based on the utilization, the team quickly adjusts and optimizes cloud resources and provides the clients with full documentation.

Our strong business relationship with the microsoft product groups and executives helps us obtain immense knowledge about microsoft products and easy access to the code

Henson Group consistently delivers cloud solutions and on-premise support to licensing for clients globally. The company has been recommended by Microsoft to sell and deploy software to both small and large corporations, for over 15 years.

“What differentiates us from our competitors is that most of our architects, engineers and developers are former Microsoft employees. Our strong business relationship with the Microsoft product groups and executives helps us obtain immense knowledge about Microsoft products and easy access to the code,” says Abheek Dutta, Senior Vice President, Henson Group.

Abheek holds various certifications from Harvard University, IIM Ahmedabad, IMT Ghaziabad and PMI. As a Senior Vice President of the Henson Group, Abheek handles the consulting and MSP service delivery for global clients. He also works in close collaboration with the Microsoft project managers, providing hands-on project management expertise. Abheek also oversees the Centralized Delivery team that is responsible for high volume cloud migrations and MSP delivery to current clients.

Currently, Henson Group has presence in India, Canada, South Africa, UK, Australia, Germany and US. The Company is planning to expand to other locations in India.