Xpress: Empowering Enterprises with Microsoft’s Technology Capabilities

Xpress: Empowering Enterprises with Microsoft’s Technology Capabilities

CIO Vendor In today’s age when all businesses are gearing themselves to meet the challenges of the digital economy, they are increasingly turning to new age IT solution companies such as Xpress to help them transition to a “modernbiz” with focus on increasing efficiency, speed and multi-device data access anytime by their employees.

Cloud Expertise at the core
An experienced IT system integrator with over 25 years of experience in serving the needs of business and education customers, with a large and experienced team of IT professionals, Xpress based in Mumbai is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Cloud Provider, perfectly geared to meet clients’ ModernBiz needs with expertise on Microsoft 365, Office 365 migrations and Azure. Xpress has got a large team of experienced Microsoft professionals with expertise on other Microsoft technologies such as Windows servers, win10 and Office, amongst many others.

“Unlike many Microsoft resellers, Xpress has always been in the space of offering IT solutions and services to business and large education customers. Our pre-sales team understands our customers’ business needs and challenges and then suggests Microsoft solutions to meet these needs. We have a strong support team to deploy cloud solutions, complex servers, Networks, storage, security and cloud solutions,” highlights Chetan Shah, Founder & CEO, Xpress.

Delivering Business Value with Office 365 Suite and Azure
Xpress has numerous success stories with SMB and education customers in seamlessly migrating from legacy on-prem IT infrastructure to a cloud enabled modern business with Microsoft solutions across Office 365 and Azure. The company delivers a robust plan for clients’ Azure infrastructure
for a seamless app migration and data management with best-in-standard security.

To keep their customers’ businesses running, Xpress also integrates cloud backup and DR solutions on Microsoft Azure. This helps customers to seamlessly get the benefits of cloud technologies along with their on-prem IT infrastructure. Xpress provides complete managed services with built-in monitoring, threat detection, automatic patching, and backups, thus providing an end-to-end solution for clients IT’ requirements.

Our pre-sales team understands our customers’ business needs and challenges and then suggests Microsoft solutions to meet these needs

With expertise in deploying Office 365 suite and its core applications like Microsoft Teams, Exchange and One drive, Xpress works closely with clients’ IT team to bring the best out of themselves and the business. Xpress focuses on improving efficiency and productivity of various stakeholders in a business by enabling access to data from any device 24x7 and work from anywhere with seamless collaboration of teams and departments across geographies. Furthermore, they provide clients with an integrated collaboration solution of Windows 10 Pro and Office 365 (part of Microsoft 365) which make it easier to connect people and teams.

Winning with the Xpress partnership
“Being a Microsoft Cloud provider and with our core expertise on Cloud solutions allows us to truly transform their customers to a modernbiz with a new age form of work environment and empower them to switch on the power of teamwork in their organization,” justifies Chetan Shah. “We have many cloud projects in the pipeline, and we are intending to increase our team size and invest in more skillsets and certifications in this field,” he concludes.