Enhanced Database Technology in Business Operations

Srikanth Doranadula, Group Vice President-Technology and Systems, Oracle India | Friday, 05 January 2024, 09:54 IST

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With over 29 years of experience in IT, Networking, Security and automation Industry, Srikanth excels cloud tech license and business system at Oracle. His expertise lies in Sales strategy, product management and programmatic approach in business infrastructure for new Organization, such as distribution &channels. 
In recent interaction with CIOTechoutlook magazine, Srikanth shared his insights on the developments of database application with the help of advanced tools like APEX, SQL developer & generative AI across various industries. Also, he addressed the innovative strategies for data management heading both accessibility and efficiency for business enterprises.

How does Autonomous Database-based application development transform data management practices industry-wide? 

In today's fast-paced world, data generation surpasses manual management and processing capabilities, hindering efficient and secure extraction of vital business insights. Autonomous databases, with their intelligent automation, revolutionize data handling, sparking a significant transformation across industries. By automating tasks like tuning and scaling, these systems free up developers to focus on crafting impactful, data-powered applications, leveling the playing field for smaller enterprises in the data-driven economy.
The advantages of autonomous databases extend beyond efficiency gains. They foster agility, enabling rapid development cycles that encourage experimentation and innovation. This agility empowers businesses to swiftly introduce new data-driven applications, adapt to market changes, and gain a competitive edge. From healthcare enhancing patient care to financial services streamlining fraud detection, autonomous databases are reshaping industries by unleashing the immense potential of data.

How might AI enhancements in APEX and SQL Developer redefine data analysis for businesses beyond your organization?

In today's landscape, data analysis is no longer confined to tech experts. Tools like APEX and SQL Developer are tearing down those barriers, granting people of all skill levels access to data exploration. They employ natural language queries and smart visualizations, giving non-tech users the ability to unveil patterns, create meaningful reports, and collaborate better with business teams.
This democratization of data analysis isn't just empowering; it's transforming decision-making across organizations. Marketing teams wield precise campaign targeting, while manufacturing specialists optimize production through real-time insights.
Companies are heavily investing in AI-powered analytics platforms for their cost-effectiveness and user-friendly interfaces. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) stands out, integrating data and machine learning to enhance human interactions, automate tasks, minimize analysis bias, and enrich decision-making.Another example such as Oracle Cloudworld which is a generative AI assistant and augmented analytics to empower organizations in enhancing data for the decision-making process.
Furthermore, MySQL HeatWave has undergone significant enhancements, catering to evolving customer needs. Updates include support for a vector store, generative AI, in-database machine learning, JavaScript support, accelerated JSON query capabilities, and new analytic operators. These improvements enable users to interact naturally with MySQL HeatWave, providing precise insights and efficient document searches within the HeatWave Lakehouse environment.

How does the integration of generative AI expedite data search and its impact on decision-making across industries?

Organizations today are urged to think big yet start small and move swiftly in embracing data hygiene and AI basics. This strategic move positions them favorably to leverage AI advancements for long-term gains. The focus lies in adopting shared data models and a constantly updated SaaS architecture.
Dealing with vast data volumes can be overwhelming, but the emergence of generative AI promises a revolution in data search. It speeds up the process, enhances accuracy, and transforms decision-making. By automatically condensing extensive data into actionable insights, generating detailed reports, and even predicting future trends, generative AI serves as a robust ally. It empowers businesses to make agile, confidence-backed, data-driven choices. Generative AI's impact spans industries, from proactive logistics handling delivery delays to retailers dynamically tailoring customer experiences. This shift places data at the core of decision-making, steering companies toward smarter, data-powered successes.

How will improved accessibility and efficiency in databases impact operational strategies across diverse sectors?

Cloud databases have undergone significant enhancements in scalability, security, and performance, reshaping operational strategies across various sectors. These advancements offer more reliable, secure, and efficient platforms, enabling businesses to adjust resources according to their needs. This flexibility helps manage varying workloads effectively, adapting to changing demands efficiently. Beyond mere technological progress, accessible databases act as drivers for operational excellence. They break down data silos, fostering collaboration, and providing a singular source of truth. This transformation empowers businesses across industries, from healthcare providers sharing patient records seamlessly to manufacturers adjusting production lines dynamically. The future holds a landscape where data serves as the bedrock of operational excellence, driving agility, efficiency, and data-driven insights for businesses to thrive.

What competitive and innovative shifts might businesses expect with more accessible and efficient database technologies?

In today's data-driven world, accessibility and efficiency aren't just nice-to-haves; they're crucial. These advancements level the playing field for businesses, irrespective of their size. Smaller companies can use agile data platforms to innovate swiftly, personalize customer experiences, and create fresh, data-focused business models. This data accessibility encourages innovation, sparking groundbreaking products and even entirely new industries. Businesses now escape the shackles of data management, enabling them to channel efforts into pioneering advances and reshaping the competitive scene.

Where do you see the industry heading regarding database accessibility and efficiency, and how might this reshape operational norms?

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the significance of a well-crafted cloud strategy as a key differentiator. They're not just adopting the cloud but customizing their approach in innovative ways. The evolution of database tech continues, promising more advancement. Hyper-converged platforms will merge databases with other apps, creating seamless data systems for streamlined operations and faster insights.
Oracle's SelectAI in the Autonomous Database stands out, using natural language processing for SQL query generation. Another game-changer is the Global Distributed Database, enabling seamless data distribution across multiple locations.
Innovations like immersive data visualization via augmented reality and the potential of quantum computing for groundbreaking data analysis promise a revolution. These, coupled with SelectAI and Global Distributed Databases, paint a vibrant future where database accessibility and efficiency soar, transforming operations and unlocking new potentials for global businesses.

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