Ameliorating Enterprise Process Integration and ROI through SAP ERP Implementation By CIOReview Team

Ameliorating Enterprise Process Integration and ROI through SAP ERP Implementation

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 08 November 2016, 07:24 IST

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As technology advances, entrepreneurs are captivated by unsurpassed products to improve both service levels and productivity for effective business growth. In a centralized manner, maintaining information and business processes for different business functions like manufacturing, supply chain management (SCM), financials, human resources and customer relationship management (CRM) etc. is a herculean task. With improved visibility and compliance, reduced operating costs and standardized business processes, SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) comes into the picture to aid organizations for streamlining operations and improving performance. As ERP necessitates colossal planning, co-ordination and support to reap the assured benefits, the vendors with hands-on experience assist enterprises to improve productivity, cost savings, and bottom line of the business while ensuring maximum ROI (Return on Investment). Exhorting enterprises to adopt SAP ERP in their business processes, Mumbai headquartered A5E Consulting, delivers SAP ERP implementation and support across worldwide. As the company’s major focus is on SAP ERP implementation, A5E Consulting supports its clients to transform their enterprise environment through SAP ERP for process’ integration and high performance. As a preferred business partner to its clients, the company undertakes a pre-implementation study through structured mechanism to verify alignment of the business processes with SAP ERP for maximum efficiency as well as offers post implementation support to maximize the benefits. Being a new age global consulting firm, A5E Consulting offers its 3D approach that comprises define, design and deliver business solutions in the domains of Information Technology, Business Transformation Management and Business Process Management. In addition, the company works diligently with its clients in defining their requirements, designing and delivering the business solutions in the verticals of Analytics, Big Data and Mobility. 

Structured Mechanism for SAP ERP Implementation
As A5E Consulting has been recognized in the technology landscape, its services related with SAP ERP implementation are equally important. Before implementing SAP ERP in enterprises, it attains all related and relevant information about the current process and their expectation from the ERP through a structured mechanism. It attempts to minimize the customizations for extracting the best value of the ERP. For succeeding ERP implementation, the company occupies a winning team who has strong expertise and hands-on experience in SAP ERP implementation. Furthermore, A5E Consulting has created Center of Excellence (CoE) for every vertical like Finance and Materials Management etc. and each vertical is being led by experienced consultants who engage in the projects from the beginning, create enterprise specific solutions and ensure adherence to project methodology. While supporting project management methodology, the company emphasizes on its strong governance model. A5E Consulting focuses on change management which comprises process, people and technology. It assumes change management is the integral part of an implementation. Through post implementation, A5E Consulting offers salient benefits including increased productivity, quick ROI, adherence to timelines for financials and accuracy of reports and 
analytics etc.

Transforming Business for higher levels of revenue
The apparent reasons like non standard practices, broken process, manual intervention in the processes and competency of individuals etc. are the major concerns of enterprises’ SAP requirements. For resolving these issues of its clients, A5E Consulting’s offers Business Process Management and Transformation Management Services. According to A5E Consulting, SAP has best process landscape and integrated practices which help the company to transform processes and organization of its clients while uplifting them to new level of maturity and revenue realization. Along with rich experience, the company has proven track-record of global consultants in Business Process Management across the value chain. In addition, A5E Consulting’s Business Transformation Management Services follow comprehensive business transformation approach which includes opportunity identification, roadmap definition and delivery of upshot across five pillars of the organizational environment.

A5E Consulting has industry experts and global leaders experienced in large global organizations. Having global expertise, these experts follow proven methodology and integrated approach. The company offers a range of consulting services which are designed to help its clients for attaining their complete potential. “A5E Consulting is a young organization which has quickly made its presence in the field of Strategy, Consulting and Technology. With a global approach to service delivery, we respond to clients' complex business challenges with a range of solutions designed specifically to meet those challenges,” says Saurabh Bhatt, Founder and 
Managing Director. 

A5E Consulting aims to focus on customer acquisition, development and retention in future. It plans to keep an intimate observation on technology trends in the market while creating and maintaining its winning team of experts. The company foresees that SAP S/4 HANA would dominate the marketplace. Undoubtedly, anticipating an effulgent future for SAP products, A5E Consulting is following capability driven strategy to get accustomed with the ever changing technology landscape. 

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