Redefining the Concept of Enterprise Resource Planning to Re-imagine Business with SAP By Milind Kamat & Satbir Singh Kohli, CEO , EVP & Global head of SAP Delivery Centers and SAP Business head, Atos India

Redefining the Concept of Enterprise Resource Planning to Re-imagine Business with SAP

Milind Kamat & Satbir Singh Kohli, CEO , EVP & Global head of SAP Delivery Centers and SAP Business head, Atos India | Tuesday, 10 May 2016, 11:36 IST

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Today’s enterprises need to be innovative and agile to be at the forefront of the industry and to explore the new frontiers of the business models and geographies. Enterprises are witnessing a new horizon of business possibilities, which is innovatively being coined as “new age digital transformation” in order to increase, secure and consolidate growth. With a business outlook at Atos, we see whole new “value paradigm of digital transformation” is underway within the emergence, convergence and interplay of – Social & Connected Living, Mobility and Internet of things (IoT), Web-Scale and Cloud Computing, Big Data & Data Scalability, Security Pre-requisite and Enterprise Mobility.
In this evolving digital ecosystem, businesses need to have preparedness to grab the new opportunities. For instances, we have witnessed how Smartphones have disrupted multiple industries. Instances of online shopping portals selling thousands of mobile handsets in few seconds, amplifies the need and planning of B2C strategies but also B2B procurement, sales and entire supply chain strategy as an example. Both B2C and B2B customers are getting exposed to a completely new and enhance experience and therefore enterprises have to keep their Customers at the center of their Business and IT strategy.

Reimagining Business Models, Decisions and Processes
Digital transformation as a buzzword today, can mean and be interpreted differently by individuals, organizations and companies. So, in this digital age, where business is changing and transforming at breakneck pace, ideas, information, products and services must be delivered with increasing speed, efficiency and focus, businesses around the world need to enter new markets and geographies and engage with their consumers through many channels to drive their growth. 
This business reinvention in the digital age is getting addressed by SAP HANA platform intended for IT simplification with amplified and complex business requirements. Business is as ongoing process and any adaptation and transportation poses its unique set of challenges with IT deployment and integration. The Go-to-Market/Digital Transformation strategy can be complemented by a partner with expertise in Bid Data, Analytics, Social Media and Cloud computing. In the area of SAP HANA, clients can take advantage of Atos & SAP partnership. 

The Power of Business Technologists 
SAP HANA offer Speedy data processing and analysis; Agility with real-time decisions; Order and Insight with data, enquiry, and answers; Power to run new applications harnessing the power of information; robust Cloud based model; Innovation to use knowledge for quick business decision making; Simplicity of data processing and reduce cost and complexity; Value with optimizing business offerings; and Choice of hardware and software deployment. These value paradigms of SAP are best complemented to maximize process efficiency, better and customized user know-how and enriching customer experience. 

Rechristening the New Age Business Model
The GenNext enterprise software of SAP S/4HANA is an amalgamation of software and people to build businesses that run real-time, networked and simple. It offers the latest design principles with the SAP Fiori user experience (UX) for mobile devices. 
The SAP HANA platform overcomes the limits and challenges of the past and leverages the in-memory and real-time capabilities. SAP S/4HANA extends the value of simplicity to business with re-imagined and real-time business processes. SAP S/4HANA drives business innovation with simplicity by connecting people, devices and business networks in real time to support the development of new business models. It can ramp up and accelerate the advantages of IoT and Big Data. The simplified data model allows customers to re-imagine their IT, helping to drive lower costs and aiming to help deliver IT efficiency.

The SAP HANA Enabler: Power to Act Immediately 
1. A bank is able to see that one of its customers is seeking to withdraw funds from an ATM but has no available balance. It can now profile her immediately and make an immediate overdraft offer.
2. A Telco sees that a customer’s usage pattern has declined but he is making more overseas calls. It is able to profile his calling patterns and offer a more appropriate tariff before he is targeted by a competitor.
3. A healthcare organization is able to see emerging trends and create new premium structures that are more competitive, targeting smaller groups, without risking a loss of margin.
4. A retailer can deliver sales promotions that not only match the customer’s needs but also reflect recent changes in the supply chain that have created a new high profit opportunity.
5. A utility provider can provide customers with detailed consumption patterns and use them to structure a compelling charging model that is instantly matched to the utility’s resourcing plans.
SAP S/4 HANA is the right choice of platform to start your journey in the SAP enterprise world, as it is enabled for IoTand Big Data. The key advantages would be retaining most of the investments from SAP R/3, with lucid and simple Fiori UX”. 
It will enable insights into business in real-time and also, provide abilities to predict the business outcomes of potential actions via predictive analytics. Now, businesses can explore new streams of revenue generation with less TCO & more predictable and risk mitigated outcomes.

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