KochaSoft: Delivering High-Quality Cloud Migration Solutions for the Enterprise

KochaSoft: Delivering High-Quality Cloud Migration Solutions for the Enterprise

CIO Vendor In the era of COVID-19, many enterprises are looking to find ways to ensure the stability of their businesses and their IT investments. The new normal of a remote workforce has brought even reluctant organizations to consider cloud hosting and computing in this ever-challenging business climate.

Before COVID-19, large enterprises were wary of adopting cloud technologies. The fear of giving up control of their applications, security breaches, unauthorized data access, and lack of knowledge led to the uneasiness of hosting in the public cloud.

Companies are also looking to combat economic concerns with their IT investments. Cost is just but one factor to move to the cloud. However, as economic concerns heighten, customers are increasingly looking to not only change hosting providers and get out of the data center business but also in partnering with new SI partners.

This is where KochaSoft comes in. Our company is founded on the premise of SAP on Cloud enablement for customers and implementation partners. Eventually, this led to helping customers safely migrate to the cloud while providing around-the clock, expert support to help our customers with their business continuity.

The KochaSoft global headquarters is in Detroit, MI, with a global presence. Our value proposition to customers is not only economic but also the flexibility we bring to every client and partner we work with.

We cater to each customer’s unique requirements as opposed to fitting them into a prebuilt framework. Although we are a global organization, we have a local mindset focusing on the unique needs of each region we support. This not only includes multilingual support (English, Spanish, and French) but also a cultural understanding of the business and empathy for each businesses' unique needs.

Robust Mechanisms & Custom-Built tools
KochaSoft’s robust mechanisms and processes enable us to quickly engage with customers, transfer knowledge, and provide fast and on-demand support. With operations spread across the globe and by using custom built monitoring tools, KochaSoft provides their customers with 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

These tools are designed to detect and predict system failures, even before applications sense the issues themselves. Furthermore, scripting methods, such as Ansible and Terraform are tremendous for the SAP on cloud management business as it leaves less room for human error and decreases the amount of time spent creating virtual machines.

Partnering with Global Technology Leaders
KochaSoft partners with renowned SAP-certified cloud hosting companies specializing in SAP systems to deliver a single vendor solution for both cloud hosting and application management. Intending to provide high-quality solutions instead of adapting to every cloud service available, KochaSoft has closely partnered with the world's leading technology
companies, including Microsoft and Google, to provides in-depth training sessions globally.

KochaSoft teaches SAP professionals how to plan, design, migrate and support their company's SAP landscape on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Rather than serving as a general cloud consulting company, KochaSoft focuses on specific areas of SAP and cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Rather than serving as a general cloud consulting company, KochaSoft focuses on specific areas of SAP and cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

What Differentiates KochaSoft from the Rest
The above-mentioned level of specialization, as well as customization and on-demand support, is what differentiates KochaSoft from the other players in this landscape.

For large enterprises, the economic after effects of COVID-19 may not subside for a while. When talking with our customers, one of their main priorities is finding a solution partner who are cost-effective when it comes to cloud migration services.

Once again, that's where KochaSoft stands out.

Combined with the customization, specialization and on-demand support, KochaSoft delivers tremendous value compared with other providers.

SAP on Azure specialized training
“We are not only one among the six companies in North America to be a Microsoft Preferred Strategic Partner, but we are ‘the only Microsoft partner’ to provide SAP on Azure specialized training, providing both in-person and online training for Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, and Hitachi. And, through this partnership, Microsoft has trusted our architects to serve as members of the SAP on Azure Standards review board. Also, we have collaborated with Microsoft to develop the AZ-120 certification guidelines,” says SrikrishnanVibu, Director of KochaSoft.

“Through our partnership with Google, we are presented with the opportunity to share our industry knowledge to participants across the globe on how users can benefit from utilizing SAP systems on the Google Cloud Platform,” he adds.

KochaSoft’s training has reached hundreds of professionals across the globe, including India, where the company has delivered over 50 training sessions to SAP leaders for large enterprises. Currently, KochaSoft is the only company in India to offer enablement services, such as cloud training sessions. Moving forward, the company is planning to double its India team every six months for the next two years.

As KochaSoft looks to expand its reach globally, it will do so with the intent of providing a new class of cloud migration solutions that are cutting edge, customer-centric and backed by the world's tech leaders.