Artihcus Global: Empowering the Warehouse Industry through Specialized SAP Technology

Artihcus Global: Empowering the Warehouse Industry through Specialized SAP Technology

CIO Vendor Over the past two decades, India's logistics and supply chain industry has meta morphosed from a sup porting arm to a high-impact sector. With its growing importance, new challenges have emerged in warehousing such as visibility issues, intricate workforce management, manual tasks, and inventory inaccuracies. Customers today demand agile, rapid solutions, including real-time customer buying insights and speedy product deliveries. To fulfill this demand, SAP offers optimal solutions for warehouse digital transformations, including automation. Moreover, warehouse staff follow manual procedures and initially struggle with technology adoption, such as SAP EWM. In addition, SAP is now releasing solutions more frequently to support ongoing innovation, making the adoption a continuous process.

This where Artihcus Global comes in to empower the warehouse industry by providing comprehensive control over processes and ensuring the smooth flow of goods within the supply chain. The firm achieves this through the specialized SAP EWM Technology, tailored to meet warehouses' unique requirements. “Companies trust us for our steadfast dedication to unlocking SAP Supply Chain's full potential, adding value to warehouse processes. Our focus on flexibility and custom architecture allows us to accurately map intricate warehouse procedures and implement high levels of automation for optimal control”, says C K Reddy, Founder & CEO, Artihcus Global.

Artihcus Global follows a collaborative approach, uniting industry leaders, subject matter experts, and SAP professionals to craft customized solutions. It leverages the expertise of experienced SAP specialists in high volume planning, order fulfillment, and distribution operations, offering a comprehensive business model. Thus, the firm optimizes supply chain processes in the warehouse industry, delivering tangible value through a holistic approach supported by SAP
EWM Technology and a collaborative network of experts. In recent years, it has prioritized corporate training to meet market demand, benefiting both Artihcus Global and other consulting firms in a mutually advantageous manner.

Focusing on warehouse automations, Artihcus Global recently established an exclusive Center of Excellence (CoE) called AWE (Automated Warehouse Enablers). Through AWE, it provides customers with live experiences, helping them select the right hardware equipment and connectivity for smooth warehouse operations, offering practical insights instead of mere imagination. The firm deeply engages with customers' existing warehouse processes to address real world challenges, building trust in the process. Its experienced consultants are well-versed in implementing complex EWM solutions, including the latest S/4HANA version.

Artihcus Global enhances ware house operations of enterprises by offering real-time inventory trace ability, enabling space optimization, and optimizing equipment and labor utilization, among other advantages. “We deploy SAP EWM to seamlessly integrate warehouse operations with various business processes, such as production, transportation, quality management, and global trade services, including dangerous goods compliance. Our approach begins with an analysis of existing ERP processes, if available. If not, we collaborate with businesses to understand their manual transaction methods, mapping them to the S/4 solution to determine compatibility with standard solutions and assess the level of customization required", adds C K Reddy.

The firm begins by analyzing the customer's supply chain processes and creating an evaluation document, forming the SAP implementation blueprint. It engages customers with a Q&A list for fit-gap analysis, and then prepares business process and user training documents for technology adoption. Its process includes blueprinting, system configuration, custom object development, super user training, user acceptance testing, deployment, and ongoing support.

“Our team comprises 100+ professionals with robust industry expertise, complemented by a skilled technical unit experienced in over 10 end-to-end implementations. We are establishing an in-house lab to demonstrate WM processes, aiding customers in envisioning SAP's impact. We are also exploring investments in Gen AI to expedite implementation and offer enhanced analytics for informed decision making", says C K Reddy.