BrightWorks Advanced Analytics Launched for By CIOReview Team

BrightWorks Advanced Analytics Launched for

CIOReview Team | Friday, 29 May 2015, 10:51 IST

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“Fleet vehicles and management services are more connected than ever,” says Kristi Webb, CEO of GE Capital Fleet Services. “When you combine our BrightWorks advanced analytics with deep fleet expertise, customers have the information they need to make smarter decisions for their businesses.”

BrightWorks comes with 4 modules: BrightWorks Fuel, BrightWorks Alternative Fuels, BrightWorks Maintenance and BrightWorks Driver Performance.

The map-based module, BrightWorks Fuel provides managers a peep into the mileage performance across a fleet, compare it to deep fleet and industry benchmarks, and use an advanced predictive algorithm to forecast fleet fuel costs at a zipcode level. The second module, BrightWorks Alternative Fuels uses location data to visually overlay fleet locations with local alternative fuel refilling stations to determine where alternative fuel vehicles could reduce fleet costs and carbon emissions.

BrightWorks Maintenance, on the other hand, is time and cost efficient as well as shows fleet managers the efficiency of divers leveraging the fleets’ maintenance networks, and tracks maintenance spend. This capability enables better forecasts and improved recommendations for preventive maintenance and improved network utilization.

Final module—BrightWorks Driver Performance delivers fleet managers a dashboard view of driver behavior on key performance indicators such as mileage and unsafe driving incidences, based on a variety of data sources and fleet benchmarks. Armed with this information, companies can target programs where they will have the most impact on fleet safety and cost.

The firm is also gearing up to launch a new mobile driver app later this year which enhances driver behavior, combining various apps – such as a trip tracker and fuel and maintenance locators.

“With connected vehicle technology becoming more commonplace, fleet management is increasingly about turning vast, complex data sets into actionable insights and measureable outcomes,” says Brad Hoffelt, General Manager, Products and Services for GE Capital Fleet Services. “The BrightWorks Insights platform combines advanced analytics with industry expertise, so that the data streaming off fleet vehicles can be turned into real-time insights.”


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