InterviewDesk : Redefining Hiring Experience with Holistic Solutions Powered By Future-tech

InterviewDesk : Redefining Hiring Experience with Holistic Solutions Powered By Future-tech

CIO Vendor 'If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.' these insights words were coined by red adair-a world-renowned american innovator. His words aesthetically justify why the trial-and-error era of talent hiring is long gone. Today, most organizations can’t afford go-arounds while hiring, especially with the advent of artificial intelligence and data analytics. According to a market report by research and markets, the global market for human resource outsourcing (hro) is projected to reach $65.3 billion by 2030, growing at a cagr of 5.7 percent from 2023 to 2030. It is clear that organizations seek an endto- end recruitment solution that provides them with a holistic 360-degree experience while finding the perfect match for the job role using cutting-edge technologies. When reliability comes into this mix, it justifies why interviewdesk is one of the most preferred hiring partners in the world.

INTERVIEWDESK is an on-demand Interviewer platform that offers a one stop- shop solution for HR hiring, including Interview-as-a-Service with features like AI-powered solutions like Proctoring, Scheduler and interview transcriptions, GALLOPHIRE for automated candidate sourcing and STINTCODE for advanced talent assessment. Going beyond traditional recruitment methods to offer a comprehensive solution designed for the modern era, INTERVIEWDESK also manifests the first-of-its-kind Resume-as-a-Service - empowering companies to hire without the burden of heavy investments. With its pool of pre-screened resumes, the company gets the candidates that employers need within 72 hours. With a meticulously crafted approach, INTERVIEWDESK enables organizations to achieve up to an 80 percent reduction in both time and expenses traditionally associated with the hiring process while providing an overwhelming experience to candidates, employers, and interviewers alike.

The End-to-End Solutions

Two-decade strong experience has enabled INTERVIEWDESK to understand the major pain points faced by organizations during recruitment. This know-how is at the heart of its solutions like GALLOPHIRE, STINTCODE, and Interview as a Service. INTERVIEWDESK's innovative platform, GALLOPHIRE, launched in early 2024, revolutionizes talent sourcing by offering high-quality candidate profiles. Its advanced search and filtering capabilities, including Boolean search, enable companies to pinpoint candidates with the desired skill sets efficiently, while the unique feature of searching by job description allows recruiters to upload a JD and let AI algorithms rank candidates accordingly. In addition, the AI Prompt search mirrors interactions on GenAI platforms, further streamlining the recruitment process.

Once potential candidates are identified, INTERVIEWDESK's skill assessment platform - STINTCODE, facilitates AI-powered assessments for accurate and unbiased candidate evaluations across various industry verticals. Additionally, the in-house question library offers a wealth of pre-built questions, while also allowing the integration of company-specific queries. Recruiters can develop customized assessments using a variety of question types and difficulty levels to best suit their needs. Post-assessment, comprehensive reporting provides detailed analytics and scoring, aiding in informed decision-making. Moreover, the platform's proctoring and plagiarism detection systems ensure the integrity of the assessments, maintaining a high standard of candidate evaluation.

The Unique Interview as a Service Offering

Above all, INTERVIEWDESK specializes in providing Interview as a Service, offering organizations a seamless and efficient way to find the perfect fit for their teams by matching skills with job requirements and ensuring a structured and unbiased interview experience for candidates. “Our unique approach empowers companies to outsource their interview processes to our expert panels, comprising over 2000+ professionals from leading MAANG/FAANG companies. Our expert interviewers conduct in-depth interviews, analyzing data, and providing valuable insights that drive success for our clients,” elucidates Pichumani Durairaj, CEO, INTERVIEWDESK.

With INTERVIEWDESK's highly customized Interview as a Service offering, hiring managers merely need to provide the job description or generate one using their AI-powered Job Descriptions and potential candidates, and the rest is taken care of through the company’s tech-powered interviewing platform. Recruiters have the flexibility to craft job descriptions using AI technologies and pre-built templates, while the company’s automated scheduling system ensures seamless coordination of time slots between interviewers and candidates.

This comprehensive platform fosters collaboration among all stakeholders, integrating a video conferencing platform, code collaborator, and a robust designing tool to facilitate end-to-end interviews without the need for multiple disparate solutions. A single dashboard allows hiring managers to effectively manage and track the interview lifecycle. Additionally, the company adds more value through its AI transcription service that streamlines feedback summarization, accelerating the hiring process. Post-interview, INTERVIEWDESK delivers valuable insights through data analysis, enabling organizations to make informed hiring decisions and pinpoint the best candidates for their teams.
Pioneering in interviewing services, INTERVIEWDESK has conducted over 50,000 successful interviews with a 90 percent candidate satisfaction rate across both tech and non-tech domains, thanks to its network of over 2,000 expert interviewers. “Our commitment to efficiency is evident as we finalize the entire process within 72 hours, providing clients with prompt notifications and access to all recordings, transcripts, and feedback reports. Our dedication to providing accurate and reliable information ensures our clients' success in their recruitment endeavors,” adjoins Pichumani.

Pioneering in interviewing services, INTERVIEWDESK has conducted over 50,000 successful interviews with a 90 percent candidate satisfaction rate across both tech & non-tech domains, thanks to its network of over 2,000 expert interviewers

A Strong Core: The Human Factor

While being at the cutting-edge of HR technology prowess, INTERVIEWDESK understands the undeniable significance of human-factor in recruiting and hence has built a strong global network of expert interviewers. This also ensures that the company can scale its services to meet increased demand while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency. It helps to streamline the recruitment process and thereby ensure a structured and unbiased evaluation of candidates.

This expertise and experience factor indeed stems from its leadership. For instance, the man at the helm, Pichumani is a seasoned entrepreneur who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a career spanning over two decades in the recruitment industry, Pichumani has amassed a deep understanding of the intricacies of talent acquisition. His journey includes significant contributions to renowned companies such as Amazon, KLA-Tencor, and Flextronics, where he played pivotal roles in scaling their technology teams. Pichumani's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Hunt & Badge Consulting in 2013, which was acquired by a Nasdaq-listed company in 2022 (NASDAQ:HSON).

INTERVIEWDESK's co-founder and seasoned chartered accountant, Vasundhara Pichumani enriches the team with her robust financial acumen and analytical skill. Leveraging her extensive background in financial analysis and strategic leadership, she seamlessly collaborates across global teams overseeing pivotal aspects such as sales and marketing strategies, accounting and reporting, as well as compliance functions. Her unwavering commitment to customer success and quality ensures INTERVIEWDESK excels in timely delivery and service excellence.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that a significant portion of the INTERVIEWDESK team comprises Ex-Amazon employees, bringing with them a wealth of experience and insights from one of the world's leading tech companies. The company’s CTO, Thillai Sathasivam, has a rich background in technology and product development, honed through 12 years of invaluable experience at Amazon US. With a keen eye for emerging trends and innovation, he brings fresh perspectives to every product he undertakes. Thillai's core strength lies in his ability to architect robust technology systems with elegant simplicity, ensuring they remain scalable and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of customers. Another example of INTERVIEWDESK's robust leadership core is Venkatanarayanan, a founding member who spearheads the company’s Operations and Customer Success team with unparalleled expertise. With a rich background in catering to a diverse clientele across various industries and global regions, his seasoned leadership ensures quality and unmatched customer satisfaction. Thanks to his commitment to excellence at scale, INTERVIEWDESK has become the premier choice for enterprises seeking to streamline their high-volume hiring endeavors. This collective expertise ensures that INTERVIEWDESK is equipped to deliver innovative solutions and drive success for our clients.

A Bright Future Ahead

The road ahead for INTERVIEWDESK is filled with exciting opportunities for growth and expansion. The company is determined to amplify its market share and extend its services to new geographical regions and industry sectors over the next five years.

“We are dedicated to augmenting our product suite and devising novel solutions to tackle the evolving challenges within the HR technology sphere. Our investment in research and development will continue, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of technological advancements and preserve our competitive advantage,” says Pichumani. “By forging strategic partnerships and collaborations, we aim to expand our network and solidify our status as a preeminent provider of HR tech solutions on a global scale. Our ultimate objective is to enable organi-zations to seamlessly manage their HR processes, thereby optimizing global workforce management,” he concludes.