Ourea: Anooja Building Brand Stories with her Expertise in Martech

Ourea: Anooja Building Brand Stories with her Expertise in Martech

CIO Vendor According to Statistics, the martech industry is globally valued at $344.8 Billion with over 9000 products available in the market. Brands and marketing agencies are very quickly adapting the new technologies that are being implemented in varied aspects of marketing like target marketing, communication facilitation and others. The complete digital marketing segment is primarily dependant on martech which is why agencies need to be abreast of all the modern marketing tools and also provide unique solutions that are specific to the client needs. This is where Ourea stands apart since it believes in continuous improvement and thinking outside the box.

Ourea has a mature digital landscape where experiences are automatically managed and driven by data and artificial intelligence. Leveraging the Site core platform to the fullest, it is integrated with CRM systems and digital landscape that consists of different Content Management Systems, third party tools and many different data sources that are almost impossible to combine and enrich. “To execute tasks, we have hyper automation, that combines different machine learning (ML), packaged software, and automation techniques. Hyper automation encompasses not only the range of technologies available, but also the entire automation process (discover, analyse, design, automate, measure, monitor and reassess). It frees up time for marketers to focus on more vital objectives by removing mundane manual tasks”, says Anooja Bashir, Founder & CEO, Ourea.

Brand Strategist Anooja Bashir & Ourea
Led by Anooja Bashir, Ourea provides digital assistance to help clients realize their ideas through strategy, creativity, innovation, and technical execution. It also focuses on brand management, with parts of the B2B/B2C system being regularly upgraded to make them the best in the business. Its goal is to create more brands so that corporate clients have greater exposure and lead generating opportunities, allowing the sales funnel to close more sales. It works with both
B2B and B2C customers, focusing on performance marketing and creative solutions to specific/niche concerns. It reaches out to additional corporate leaders or HR departments in the case of B2B enterprises.

It focuses on expanding social media advertising and other marketing strategies that bring more clients into the sales funnel in the case of small enterprises. Ourea adopts a consistent & innovative approach towards developing and implementing digital marketing strategies after understanding the client’s overall requirements. “Our vibrant & professional digital marketing consultants conduct a systematic audit to analyse the effectiveness of existing digital initiatives of the new client. Further, we prepare a deep customer insight of your targeted audience and the market including customer personas along with benchmarking the competitors”, mentions Bashir.

Experience speaks
The company has gained expertise quite progressively in various verticals such as strategic marketing, corporate training, human resource management, strategic business implementation as well as the implementation of IT projects in a cost-effective way with each of these verticals being based on seven deities of Greek mythology, namely, Helicon, Olympus, Athos, Nysa, Oreus, Kithairon and Athena. “Our team combines technology and communication mediums to ideate, create and optimize performancecentric campaigns that reduce risks involved and deliver higher ROI. No matter the size of your organization, we make sure that every penny spend on your business is converted to maximize your overall return on investment with our reliable strategies”, concludes the Founder.