20 Most Promising Marketing Technology Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising Marketing Technology Solution Providers - 2017

Regardless of industry, every organization looks out for remarkable ways to entice customers and achieve exceptional business growth. Despite of traditional marketing methods, today's businesses rely on advanced marketing technologies to become more efficient and reach out to a colossal number of people. Owing to major factors such as rise of social media, increased spending on advertising, customer-friendly websites and the plethora of products and services available online etc., marketing technologies have become an indispensable part of today's marketing functions. Therefore, the industry is experiencing exponential growth nowadays.

Certainly, marketing technology realm comprises of major categories such as advertising and promotion, content and experience, social and relationships, commerce and sales, data, and management. Nowadays, diversified marketing technologies have emerged to reinforce web traffic, marketing automation, testing, targeting and personalization etc. As the adoption of marketing technologies can bring effectiveness to business, a large number of IT vendors enter into this ambience with best of breed solutions for e-mail marketing, display advertising, asset & content management, e-commerce, search & social ads, business intelligence, CRM, sales enablement and more.

Currently, the marketing technology space continues to grow and many vendors play crucial role in this segment. CIOReview presents a list of “20 Most Promising Marketing Technology Solution Providers”, to support in identifying apt marketing technology partner. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReview editorial team have scrutinized various companies before finalizing these vendors who brings out cutting edge solutions and services for attaining effective marketing.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Marketing Technology Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Name Company Description
Amura Delivers end to end Digital Marketing, Brand Building, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning and Sales solutions across real estate, lifestyle, education and BSFI verticals.
BeaconsTalk A marketing network and ad platform that facilitates retailers, brands and advertisers with proximity marketing, ad technology and mobile advertising services
Celltick Assists OEM's, mobile operators and app developers with solutions in the areas of mobile initiated commerce, mobile makerting and advertising.
Datalicious A global data analytics agency that specializes in Marketing Attribution, Customer Journey Analytics, Tag Management, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, adMarketing Data Analytics.
Echidna Enabling the E-commerce industry with design and management of e-commerce technologies, customer experience management and Digital marketing services
Fork Media Offers a number of services in the advertising space including Brand Advertising,Native Advertising, Performance Advertising, and Hyperlocal Advertising.
Inboundsys Webgalaxy Provides a comprehensive solution portfolio that includes Inbound Marketing, Web Services, E-commerce, Hubspot services and integration, marketing videos & mobile apps design, and Graphic services.
InsideView Empowers businesses with Marketing and Sales solutions for Account-Based Marketing(ABM), Lead Enrichment, Campaign Planning, Sales Acceleration, Account-Based Sales Development and Predictive...
iPresso Develops and delivers solutions for Marketing Automation, Real-time Marketing,Email Marketing and Loyalty Management tools across E-commerce, Financial Services, Media and Telecom segments.
Loyalie IT Solutions Facilitates clients with an advanced marketing platform that caters to Loyalty and Referral functions, Automated Marketing, Private feedback, data collection and analytics.
Lumata Digital A portfolio of offerings that includes solutions for Loyalty Management, Targeted Campaigns, Promotion Management,Interactive Video Engagement,Wi-Fi Monetization,Service Delivery & Monetization and...
Soffront Software, Inc Offers a plethora of services that includes Marketing Automation & Sales Automation software, CRM, Project Automation, Customization tools and Digital Marketing Services.
Tiemchart Provides marketing software that facilitates Project Management, Project Monitoring, Task Tracking, Resource Management and Risk Management across Engineering, Manufacturing and Consulting segments.
TRIAD Technologies Equips clients with an inclusive solution suite that includes Trade Marketing, Consumer Promotions, Employee and Channel Engagement, Loyalty Engagement programs and Retail Branding.
Value Direct Communication Pvt. Ltd: Offers a Digital Marketing Suite that includes Lead Generation, Target Marketing and Retail Marketing solutions that are executed through Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing and Email Marketing...
Verndale Endows clients with Analytics & Business intelligence, Behavior based personalization, eCommerce strategy, Mobile experiences, Web content management & co-development and post-launch managed...
Vernost Marketing Services Provides a comprehensive solution portfolio that includes Blockchain enabled Loyalty Engagement solutions, Refferal Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Wallet, Gamification and Gift Card Platform.
Vidooly Media Tech Specialises in providing Video marketing software, Video analytics for brands, Youtube Video Marketing, Social Video Analysis and Multi Channel Network Software.
Webisdom Develops digital transfomation solutions for Web & Mobile App Design, Digital Strategy Building, Web and Mobile Analytics, Mobile & Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Creative Designing and Search...
Xpedient Digital Connects businesses and brands with Media Buying and Planning, Advertising Solutions, Blogger Outreach Services, Guest Blogging Services, Digital PR Services, and Sponsored Content.