Zimbabwe Chooses e-Procurement system By CIOReview Team

Zimbabwe Chooses e-Procurement system

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 22 February 2017, 09:02 IST

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The Zimbabwe Government is all set to get an e-Procurement platform developed. The need for e-Procurement platform was realized due to the increasing level of irregularities in the prevalent tendering and procurement process. The government recently adopted many steps for achieving e-Governance goals, implementation of e-Procurement platform being one of those steps.

The new e-Procurement platform will do away with the paper-based procurement process. The paper-based procurement process was grossly inefficient and had many loopholes which made corruption prosper. E-Procurement platform would make the process transparent and would put the whole process under the scrutiny of general public. This would reduce the instances of corruption and delay in the delivery of projects. There has also been the persistent problem of over-expenditure on projects, which will not be the case, once e-Procurement portal comes into effect.

The reforms in procurement process are being funded by the African Development Bank and the World Bank. Similarly many other African countries have received assistance from World Bank and African Development Bank, in order to get their e-Procurement platforms developed and thus reduce the level of irregularities in the procurement process.


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