Saraca: Delhi Based Rail Tech Solutions Company Solving The Global Energy Crisis

Saraca: Delhi Based Rail Tech Solutions Company Solving The Global Energy Crisis

CIO Vendor Year 2022 has recorded an all-time high global CO2 emission along with straining high fuel prices due to Russia- Ukraine war. India is not only experiencing sizzling summer due to climate change but also strained with high fuel prices due to global energy supply crisis. Transport sector is responsible for more than half of global oil market and one quarter of global CO2 emission. Industrialists and global economist suggests, now it is the time, Transport Industry redesigns its plan and receives support for the most environmentally friendly travel segment Rail.

The Indian Rail Infrastructure is the fourth largest railway system in the world following US, Russia and China. In the given scenario Indian Rail Infrastructure is decking up to implement transformation to its traditional connectivity to High-speed rail that can serve as an alternative to short-distance air travel and freight rail can complement other transport modes to provide efficient mobility.

Saraca from Delhi has a team of industry experts who worked in railways for many decades and observed Indian Rail industry has challenges in meeting the tight timelines of projects, clarity in inputs, module integration, and rigorous verification & validation testing.

To solve the identified problems organization is mapping the domain knowledge with emerging technologies that includes digital engineering, native cloud adoption, IoT, and big data analytics.Saraca's strength is in the core engineering aspect of rolling stock and signaling.
Emerging technologies like DevOps, Native Cloud, and Microsoft technologies are helping the organization to serve OEMs better and contribute to India’s plan of modern rail infrastructure.

“We are an emerging leader in the rail technology solutions provider space. We have invested at the right time to build the capability and capacity to serve the OEMs. We are helping OEMs in their expansion in India to provide them with trained talent and domain expertise. We have been able to augment their exponential demand in time and helped them deliver projects with good project management expertise, we are not only offering engineering solutions but also lending support to solve the global energy crisis” says Kuldeep Tyagi, Founder & CEO, of Saraca Solutions.

We have deep technology background in making the world’s best rail signaling software for our customers

The Growth Story
Saraca Solutions was the first in the world to develop AI-based software to manage technical documentation required in a regulated industry. This product helps reduce overall time by 50 percent. Saraca uses many indigenous test automation tools and follows the approach of concurrent testing, makes effective use of prototype products and keeps testing the modules on this, and keeps the prototype updated regularly so the testing happens in parallel.

Since 2014, Saraca is focused on solving complex engineering prob¬lems. Currently, it works with more than ten Fortune 1000 companies in the world and expanded its footprint to have an office in Delhi, Bangalore and Boston, USA.