20 Most Promising Capital Market Solution Providers - 2017

20 Most Promising Capital Market Solution Providers - 2017

Evolving regulations since the 2008 financial crisis continues to have major structural and technological impact on the capital markets industry. With regulatory compliance becoming one of the biggest challenges for incumbent capital markets firms, the firms are collaborating with FinTechs targeting specific parts of regulations.

The internet of things-including the cloud, big data and mobility- has completely altered how we do business. This newfound networked connectivity unveils a unique opportunity to capture operational data at the source to identify and predict future opportunities and risks, such as the impact of market volatility on one’s liquidity position. At the same time, technology is forcing CIOs in capital markets to rethink how they balance their time, priorities and resources. For example, the security of IT infrastructure remains a top priority for CIOs everywhere, but now, they are uniquely placed to be strategically closer to capital markets than ever before, and have a great impact on the company’s visions and finances. Moreover, Sell-side firms are investing heavily in enhancing their trading platform functionalities and analytics capabilities, along with improving their connectivity with global exchanges.

A new equilibrium has emerged in terms of innovation, technology, industry structures, business models, financial structures, products, and remuneration. And we believe the right mix of all these is a must in every vendor offering IT solutions and software for the capital markets. Therefore, we bring to you a list of “20 Most Promising Capital Markets Solution Providers”. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIOReview editorial board, we believe these solution vendors can fundamentally and permanently reshape the capital markets landscape with the right mix of tools and platforms to ease the trading and investment dilemmas.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Capital Market Solution Providers - 2017.

Company Name Company Description
ARM Fintech consultant Designs web based platforms & tools such as smart calculators and MIS reports for financial product distributors.
Aum Capital Market Renders services & solutions for Equity Trading, Commodity Trading, Wealth Management, Fixed Income, Trade Finance and Loan Syndication.
Broadridge Financial Solutions A provider of investor communications & technology-driven solutions for wealth management, asset management and capital markets firms.
Calypso Technology Delivers cross-asset solutions for trading, processing, risk management, accounting, Securities Finance, Treasury and Liquidity Management
I-darts Specializes in building real-time capital market information dissemination systems for Stock & Commodity Exchanges, Brokers and Financial intermediaries.
Definedge Solutions Delivers integrated financial services that include Stock Market Analysis and Financial Advisory for business development.
Finvasia Offers diversified services ranging from asset management, investment banking, capital market advisory, currency hedging to brokerage services in commodities, equities and derivatives.
Genesis software Devices products including Debt Market Package, Treasury Management, Dues Recovery and Property Management Portal.
Infotech Financials Offers customized solutions for risk management, capital market intermediary operations and fund management.
InfrasoftTech Builts financial software solutions & services that include core banking, Mobile & Digital Banking, AML compliance and financial crime surveillance.
Msci Specialities revolve around Index, Risk Analytics, Portfolio Analytics, ESG, Real Estate, Factor Investing, Equities, Fixed Income, and Multi Asset Class.
Paramatrix Technologies Delivers wide array of financial services involved in Software Development, IT Staff Augmentation, Database Management, Business Process Outsourcing and System Integration.
Red Vision Computer Technologies Caters wealth management ERP for financial planners, wealth managers and corporate.
Rupeeseed Technologies Provides capital market solutions which includes development, documentation, testing, user training, and maintenance.
S2 Analytics Avails services providing a framework for decision making, tools for stock market data, realtime and EOD data.
SREI Infrastructure Finance Specializes in Infrastructure Project Finance, Advisory & Development, Infrastructure Equipment Finance, Alternative Investment Funds, and Capital Markets.
Sterling Software Offers products & services in a range of industries with its speciality being finance and mutual funds.
Truedata Renders Technical Analysis, Market Analytics, Automated & Algo Trading and other software solutions for financial services industry.
Vichara Technology Designs solutions for valuation, analysis & risk management of fixed income asset classes, mortgage data platform for hosting and analysis of data sets.
Wisdom Capital Develops zero brokerage & financial plans to cater to online trading requirements of the investors and traders.