CtrlS launches Bengaluru's 1st Tier-4 datacenter

CIOReview Team | Monday, 26 February 2018, 05:04 IST

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CtrlS launched Bengaluru’s 1st Tier-4 data centre (also certified as World’s 1st LEED Platinum certified Green datacentre) in Bengaluru’s Electronic City. The CtrlS Tier4 Datacentre, which will provide mission-critical datacentre services to India’s leading internet, banking, insurance, and other clients, was launched at a grand event, and was attended by Shri Priyank Kharge, Hon’ble Minister for IT, BT, S&T, Government of Karnataka, Ms. Margarent Anderson, Senior VP of SAP Labs India, Mr. Gopalakrishna, Mr. Sameer Garde, President, CISCO, Prakash Mallya, Managing Director, Intel India and other IT industry leaders.

The new CtrlS datacentre will provide India’s growing tech giants with reliable, robust data management and distribution networks, with near 0% downtime, 100% redundancy and Industry’s lowest PUE of 1.35.

Shri Priyank Kharge, Minister for IT, BT, and S&T, the government of Karnataka spoke at the launch, and said, “I'm happy that CtrlS latest data center is being situated in Bengaluru. Our city, which is already the leader in software services is also fast becoming a hub for global organizations and I'm sure the CtrlS datacenter will be the start of an ecosystem.”

As internet use expands across the country, and as more and more users adopt to mobile internet and content creation, the requirements for an “always-on” datacentre is even more keenly felt. Organisations such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media providers will need to ensure 0% downtime for their services. Similarly, with growing e-commerce and online payments for products and services, including mobile apps and websites, a reliable, robust infrastructure ecosystem is desired combined with highest uptime SLA and robust security.

CtrlS, with its robust network ecosystem, internet connectivity, and own infrastructure including dark-fiber assets, peering, and private internet exchange provides exactly that. The company powers 15 of the Fortune 500 Global Multinationals, 25 of the ET 500 companies in India including major banks, insurance companies, telecom players, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce and retail.

The Tier-4 datacentre in Bengaluru will serve the country’s banking, insurance, e-commerce, internet organizations and other business enterprises running mission-critical applications requiring 100% uptime and military grade security. CtrlS Bengaluru Tier-4 data center is designed to provide near 100% uptime. While a regular Tier3 Datacentre usually faces about 4 hours of downtime in any calendar year, a Tier4 Datacentre has advanced infrastructure and design features that reduce downtime to less than 30 minutes in any given year. But CtrlS’s Tier4 datacenters spread across Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Noida have established industry records - Over the last 10 years, CtrlS datacentres have experienced no downtime whatsoever and have maintained 100% uptime.

Further, the new Bangalore Datacentre is the First LEED Platinum data center in the world certified by GBCI (under LEED v4 O+M). This green building generates its power requirement using solar and other sustainable sources. Additionally, two major power lines - which means that CtrlS will never experience a power outage at any point. An earthquake-proof building, with over 9 levels of security (Military Grade Security).

Mr. Sridhar, Chairman and Managing Director of CtrlS, commented on the green-certification of CtrlS, and said “Our Datacenter has been awarded a Platinum LEED certificate by the US Green Building Council, making it The only Datacenter in the world to receive such certification. We will continue to innovate and ensure our business is both profitable and environmentally sustainable.”

He further added a lot of data flows through the silicon city. The future plan is to convert all our DCs to be solar powered in the next 5 years". Solar powered DC are sustainable and the long-term competitiveness is much better.

An investment of Rs 1,200 crore has been earmarked for setting up new data centers, investment in R&D and upgrading infrastructure across the companies five data centers.

This makes CtrlS datacentres the obvious choice for Global and India’s banking, internet, large conglomerates and SAP does concur with this thought process – In fact, SAP, World's leading business enterprise software maker has selected CtrlS to house business critical data at the new Bengaluru datacentre.

Speaking at the launch, Ms. Margaret Anderson, Senior VP of SAP, said, “For SAP, data security is mission critical. The choice of the data center is not easily taken. We're very thrilled to work with CtrlS; they meet our every need and satisfy our very stringent standards.”

Prakash Mallya, MD South Asia, Intel said, “the amount of data generated in India is more than anywhere in the world. This is a collective challenge that is being addressed by service providers such as CtrlS and solutions like this make possible a lot of data innovation and AI Solutions.”

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