CampusWhiz: The ERP Platform Harnessing the Power of Technology

CampusWhiz: The ERP Platform Harnessing the Power of Technology

CIO Vendor The education industry is in a state of intense transformation. Educational institutes are under immense pressure to provide the best possible experience to the students, parents and staffs. Starting with the innovative teaching pedagogy to the varied co-curricular activities, there is a dire need to give an increase visibility to parents that their kids are in the best possible hands. This requires not only providing world class facilities, but also managing the setup seamlessly in real time. This requires that all the functions of the institute are in constant sync with each other with data being central to such a mechanism. The need of the hour is a platform that can provide all of the above and ensure operational efficiency resulting in cost savings to the institute.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, CampusWhiz brings to the table, a Campus Management ERP Platform backed by a top notch technology framework and robust architecture. CampusWhiz harnesses the power of technology and provides a seamlessly integrated platform for the management to integrate the critical functions of an institute and ensure better control over the health of the same. The management has ready access to financial data of the institute just a click away collections, expenses and comparative charts are all available. Campus Whiz platform is integrated with Tally that helps in consolidating financial data in one central system.

Teachers are enabled to create their academic curriculum that helps to plan and monitor their own progress in teaching and also can be shared in advance with students, which allows the students to prepare based on the schedule. The list of mandated books and additional reading material per subject can be added by the faculty. This is instantly shared with students,as a notification, thus helping
students to look up a vast repertoire of material to study from and improve their overall knowledge in a particular subject. Teachers can also share best practices, ideal solutions and recommended ways of answers/solutions to problems that can be easily broadcasted to all students.

Teachers can also share best practices, ideal solutions and recommended ways of answers/solutions to problems

CampusWhiz runs on multiple critical engines, one among them being the aforementioned communication engine. This engine, as Shachindra Rajavaram, Co-Founder and CEO at CampusWhiz explains, is a powerful mechanism that routes messaging from one user to another in real time and sends alerts/notifications, there by ensuring that the communication loop is closed. The workflow engine helps in routing approvals. This is particularly useful for the management to take care of pending approvals, sign offs and essentially anything that require their intercession to clear finance and personnel related decisions.

Unlike the dominant education ERP market players,CampusWhiz did not enjoy the early mover advantage. However, steering clear of these obstacles, over time,Campus Whiz with its unique selling features coupled with competitive pricing, displaced some of the big names in the market through the sheer technical strength of the Platform.

Efforts are underway to roll out two new features in the months to come. The company has invested heavily and calling it a revolutionary innovation, Shachindra believes that the new add-ons will disrupt the ERP market all together. Looking forward to expand pan India, CampusWhiz shows great promise to contribute significantly to the education sector.