Nivista: Optimizing, Consolidating and Automating Strategic Management

Nivista: Optimizing, Consolidating and Automating Strategic Management

CIO Vendor Educational institutions are increasingly becoming complex organizations and the use of effective management tools is absolutely critical. Today, institutions face a lot of challenges on a daily basis - just to operate their daily administration. Processes like declaration of results, admissions management, data management, fees collection, timetable management, attendance management of both staff and students and other similar functions are done manually.

As a Management and Communications Software institute, Nivista ensures strategic management to organizations and helps institutions to create an elaborate and extensive working eco-system bringing all the internal departments like hostel, library, inventory, transport management together. Manual work takes a lot of time, energy and resources making it imperative for every institution to adopt the best industry practices and solutions to increase efficiency and optimize time and effort for better decision making and management. “Nivista enables and brings all the stakeholders of an institute onto a single platform ushering in the powerful model of ‘connected management’”, says, Kushal Majithia, CEO, Nivista.

Automating Information Flow of Institutions
Technology when well managed consolidates and automates the information flow in institutions. As a comprehensive management tool working with all stake holders and departments; Nivista provides management information system(MIS) for periodic, predetermined and ad-hoc reporting capabilities. These reporting capabilities give the management complete control of institution and detailed insights on the day-to-day perations. MIS empowers people and leverages technology for full utilization, by understanding the user behavior on the internet in accordance with the suggestions made by experienced
professionals. This understanding brings in increased transparency thereby increasing the optimum use of graphical dashboards that are visible on both web and mobile app interfaces across the different modules on the platform.

Nivista enables and brings all the stakeholders of an institute onto a single platform ushering in the powerful model of ‘connected management

One of the challenges in education sector is analyzing and understanding the needs of each educational institution. The seamless use of technology brings together the management, staff, parents and students. The agile and comprehensive framework of Nivista manages technology and education stakeholders strategically while involving planning, optimizing operation and control of day to day activities. This framework of Nivista can be 100 percent customized based on any institutions’ individual need. Customization further gets enhanced with data analytics bringing down both effort and costs that are the two of the biggest pain points faced by any institutions. Nivista with its comprehensive management and communications tool proffers an answer to these pain points with a 360 degree view provision of any institution encompassing management, technology, RoI, investment and security.

Delivering Promising and Reliable Institute Management
Nivista focuses on performance based metrics and continues to deliver reliable institute management and communications system. The company with its robust and expanded base of ‘client-first’ approach proffers solutions while bringing in cost implications and increased seamless management of organizations enabling all stakeholders with connected and flexible management.