Smartclass Educational: Leveraging Digital Academic Fraternity

Smartclass Educational: Leveraging Digital Academic Fraternity

CIO Vendor Led by the federal government, India is in the midst of a massive effort to make affordable and effective education available to all rungs. Technology and high end digital solutions are fast emerging as the prerequisites in digital education sector. Despite the influx of new technologies into classroom, students and teachers have been slow to transform. A generation that is constantly connected and surrounded with technology, any random technology won’t suffice the current education sector. Specializing in customized connected learning technologies, New Delhi based Smartclass Educational is leveraging the advances of connected academics to students, teachers, parents and other academic fraternities. The company aims to redefine 21st century education with a focus on understanding the present and future education barriers with its evolving innovative solutions. The company’s core is fuelled with innovation, entrepreneurship, integrity, excellence and thrift.

Fostering Knowledge with Creativity
The flexibility fostered by teachers and students is the base of any education Institution’s excellence. Smartclass Educational focuses towards this flexibility with its flagship solution-'Smartclass' to explain complex and abstract concepts using animations, diagrams, teaching students how to create complex diagrams and explaining maps. This helps and supports many different learning styles and is used in a variety of learning environments.

The digital learning is witnessing the constant flourishing of online classrooms and videos. Smartclass Educational is keen to provide online platform solution 'Fliplearn'- a peer support and collaborative learning platform, giving opportunities to students of far flung areas

Smartclass Educational focuses towards this flexibility with its flagship solution-'Smartclass' to explain complex and abstract concepts

to procure knowledge with their own pace, place and ease. The affluent, remote and district areas of India alike, still have a few miles to measure, before their education becomes at par with the global standard. Concerting on the same notes, Smartclass Educational has designed 'English For ever' that ropes in learners of all grades to understand the fundamentals of English language in fun and interesting ways. The various curriculum concepts are made approachable and better by digital content learning applications. The Smartclass and SmartSTEM - the two products powered by a vast repository of digital instruction materials are mapped to meet the objectives laid out by different state learning standards. The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules. These modules are built with an Instructor-led design that allows the teacher to effectively transact the lesson in a typical classroom with diverse set of learners.

The Advent of Digital Education
With an unprecedented growth in academic fraternity, Smartclass has impacted more than 60,000 classrooms in 18 months. Besides, while partnering with Indian and global companies like Abilix, Kyoshi and Health Set Go, Smart class is influencing every facet of a student's life- Health, Learning and Assessment. The company facilitates communication among students and teachers with different learning styles with a variety of resources to suit particular needs, thereby encouraging learners involvement.