20 Most Promising Edtech Startups - 2019

20 Most Promising Edtech Startups - 2019

Today, the education system around the world is undergoing a transformational change due to advancements in the field of technology and their impact on knowledge delivery. The scope of technology in education is such that students can have easy access to vast knowledge repositories beyond the class room from anywhere and at any time. A large number of Edtech Startups have started making inroads into the market, offering services in the areas of virtual class rooms, gamified learning, digital libraries, personalized tests, learning analytics, language labs etc. to help educational institutions integrate technology into their teaching models and deliver more value to students. However, success of the technology deployments in the education sector largely depends on the collaboration between technology platforms that are being deployed and various stakeholders such as educators, administrators, parents and finally the students. So, selection of a right technology partner has become crucial for educational institutions given the presence of number of Edtech Startups in the industry.

Helping find the right solution provider, CIOReviewIndia has prepared a list of "20 Most Promising Edtech Startups - 2019". This compact list displays an inventory of skilled vendors with industry rich experience, technically adept teams and a proven track record. A panel consisting of prominent CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team has meticulously researched and zeroed in on the final 20 vendors who we firmly believe can help learners and educators by addressing their pain points.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Edtech Startups - 2019.

Top Edtech Startups

Company Name Company Description
Cognigix Provides technology enabled customized learning solutions, integrated learning methods with digitized environment.
Concept Owl Offers video based classroom learning and delivers personalized learning and data analytics through web or mobile application.
Creamson Intelli Delivers English Learning to Students from Vernacular Medium Schools with animated school curriculum module, and internationally standardised communication.
Cymatic Provides innovative learning model - live virtual interactive classroom to students of class VIII, IX and X with 24/7 doubt assistance facility
EdSense Offers solutions for Comprehensive Student Profiling, Personalized Learning Pathways, Teacher Professional Development, Inclusive Parent Involvement, and Uniformity Across School Network.
edu plus now Offers self-paced courses that bridge the skill gap between classroom learning and real business challenges.
EduRun Provides data driven platform for educational institutes, which is customizable, and aids in managing multiple classes, reuse courses, and more.
edWisor Organizes and balances the demand and supply of global talent while empowering students and professionals with skills and opportunities in high-growth career.
Escavel Leverages 3D Simulations combined with Augmented and Virtual Reality to create powerful and compelling user experiences for learning.
GuruQ Offers digital platform that helps students connect with the right tutors; provides on-demand tutoring with adherence to global quality standards.
KidzByte Delivers Educational News App for children and teens - grade 4 to grade 12 - which covers current affairs and world events with an innovative and kid-friendly approach.
MADSmania Offers solutions to bring changes in the way mathematics is being practiced through exciting augmented learning, self practice framework, balanced approach of learning, and more.
Notebook Provides combined video and text content to deliver best-in-class education according to board curricula.
Pepstudy Provides MCQ test for 6th to 10th class students. Also provides result and deep analysis with AI technology helping learning get better.
Schoofi Provides various features to help generate admission leads, track academic and non-academic development, and performance of children.
Talentpepz Provides hi-tech professional portal for individual transformation by identifying strength and development challenges to attain new age skill set.
The Blockchain School Focuses on Blockchain Technology with the objective to help the community grow, expand, and prosper in this area of technology.
Udteschool Provides online learning platform designed to smoothen school's admin and student management function and strengthening the relationship between student and teacher.
Vawsum Provides an inclusive solution for holistic development of children.
WaroftheWits Develops cutting-edge solutions for students, teachers, schools, coaching institutes and candidates appearing in competitions.