New Century Software Launches Alignment Manager for Pipeline Integrity Engineers

CIOReview Team | Friday, 29 May 2015, 09:47 IST

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FORT COLLINS, CO: New Century Software, a provider of GIS-based pipeline software and services has launched Alignment Manager, an inspection alignment application that helps Pipeline Integrity Engineers to align inline inspection and close interval survey data with the PODS database, reports THOMASNET News.

The solution provides a guided workflow and data mapping templates that streamline the alignment process. It includes intuitive visual display to integrate ILI features with the GIS and prior inspections so as to meet the needs of the users based on inspection and repair deadlines. It also replaces time-consuming manual alignment with streamlined workflows that are easy to learn and use. The replacement is done with the help of a semi-automatic alignment process that helps the user.

“In today’s regulatory climate, the ability to use accurate integrated data to make pipeline integrity decisions is more important than ever. Alignment Manager allows engineers to accurately correlate ILI data with the GIS centerline to get a more complete picture of the condition of the pipeline, accelerating their ability to use that data to make key decisions,” says Ron Brush, President, New Century Software.

The uses of Alignment Manager include; streamlined workflows align data with GIS features and weld-to-weld with prior ILI inspections; ILI data is aligned with GIS features to improve centerline quality and accuracy; predefined ILI vendor templates save time and improve productivity; and information is validated prior to submitting it to the PODS database; ensuring data is verifiable, accurate and traceable.

“We develop software solutions that enable users to get their jobs done more effectively and efficiently. Alignment Manager is a key application in the integrity management process adding several features that enable integrity engineers to do just that. Real-time visual alignment, tight integration with the pipeline GIS, and integration with our Integrity Management solution set Alignment Manager apart from the competition,” said Sam Acheson, Director of Software Engineering, New Century Software.

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