4 Types of CNC Grinding Machines & How To Choose Yours

CIOReviewIndia Team | Monday, 23 November 2020, 07:49 IST

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4 Types of CNC Grinding Machines & How To Choose Yours

If your line of work requires you to be extremely precise when it comes to cutting material away from metal, then you will need to think about investing in a CNC grinding machine. Precision is the cornerstone of this machine, because it leaves no room for human error. The computerized numerical control (CNC) process provides for highly precise and computerized work that will help you create the perfect precision workpieces. Go here to learn more about the device.

To put things simply, a grinding machine is an industrial tool which uses an abrasive wheel for cutting. There are, however, different types of CNC grinding machines, meaning that you will have to take those into consideration when choosing the one that will fit in with your personal requirements and needs. Of course, it would also be a great idea for you to learn how to properly use these devices.

While using these tools isn’t that complicated, it still does require a certain amount of skills, especially when it comes to deducing the right measurements. This means that you shouldn’t use the tool if you aren’t actually skilled and experienced in this line of work. If, however, you are skilled and experienced enough, then you can proceed towards learning more about the different types and choosing which one you want to use.

As I have already mentioned above, there are various types of these machines on the market and all of those are designed to work in one way or another in order to help you create whatever it is that you need to create. While all of those tools are extremely precise and will do the tricks that you require them to do, the truth is that different types are suitable for different kinds of work. This means that you should look closely into the various types before you decide which one to get.

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CNC grinding


As I have already explained above, we are now going to talk about the different types of CNC grinding machines and it seems only natural to start with the surface one. This particular tool consists of a chuck, which is a workpiece holding device, a rotary table and an abrasive wheel. Basically, the chuck is responsible for holding the workpiece in place while it is being rotated together with the wheel with an aim of producing a rather smooth finish.

It is one of the most common CNC grinding machines on the market. The wheel itself is made up of thousands of cutting edges, which is exactly why it is so precise in evening out any uneven surfaces and removing even the smallest pieces of metal. These work perfectly on all types of very hard materials, such as diamonds, steel and others and they are perfect in producing high-quality finishes and surfaces.


This particular type is used for shaping the outside of the workpiece. It can work on a wide variety of shapes and it is said that CNC operated cylindrical grinders are actually one of the most efficient and reliable systems in the manufacturing industry nowadays. The only prerequisite is for the workpiece to be able to be rotated through a central axis. It’s worth mentioning that both the wheel and the workpiece are rotated simultaneously when this particular tool is used.

This type is most commonly used for the production of high-quality and precise shapes and materials with extreme surface quality and minimum roughness. This leads to the creation of highly accurate end products, which is probably what makes this particular tool so popular in the manufacturing industry. The automotive, electrical, plumbing and military industries all use these particular devices in order to produce highly precise metalwork.

CNC grinding machines


As the name says it, the roll CNC grinding machines, the roll is the main feature that makes this particular tool different from some others. To an unknowledgeable eye, this particular device might seem to be the same as the cylindrical one, but the truth is that there are important differences between these two and you need to keep them in mind when choosing the right machine for you. Let’s see what this one actually has to offer.

Roll grinders are usually much stronger, larger and heavier than the cylindrical ones. This is because they are most commonly used for specific processing tasks involving large and heavy workpieces. These tools can provide the perfect finish for sheet metals, thus eliminating the need for polishing. They are used to process steel, paper, textiles, rubber, as well as paint. I suppose that the difference between this type and the former one is now perfectly clear.


I believe that the name speaks for itself here, but just in case it doesn’t ring a bell, let me offer a little reminder. Every single engine contains a finely tuned crankshaft. Well the CNC crankshaft grinder is responsible for grinding crank pins and journals in order to remove the unnecessary material and refurbish this extremely vital part of any engine out there. It is widely used in the manufacturing industry and, thanks to high precision, this particular machine has become rather popular.

How To Choose Your CNC Grinding Machine

Now, when you realize that you need this particular tool to help you out in the line of the work that you are in, you will probably start searching for these machines immediately. That’s when you might get a bit confused and unsure about which type to choose exactly. Well, you shouldn’t rush into this decision. Instead, you should take your time to make a wise choice.

For starters, you will have to take into account the actual industry that you are in and think about the specific workpieces that you will be dealing with. That will help you decide on the type you need to buy. Then, after having decided on the type, take your time to research some different brands in order to find the perfect quality CNC grinding machine for you.

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