Madbee: Devising Solutions for Better Insights on Customer Experience

Madbee: Devising Solutions for Better Insights on Customer Experience

Gopal Seetharaman, Founder

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning Bill Gates.

Examples are abound in the corporate world about businesses that failed to listen to its customers. It has never been enough for companies to provide the best of the products and services. It is important to listen to what customers feel or think about their business.

Sales numbers only speak of today's business reality, whereas it is the customer feedback data that will actually tell what's lying in store tomorrow.

The two most important customer service moments, as far as a customer's memory is concerned, is the beginning and the end of each of their transactions with your business. These are the hard `Moments of Truth.' Of these, the latter is the most overlooked one. The moment of closing of a transaction with your customer is the deadliest blind spot and is the most ideal point at which their feedback has to be captured.

The feedback has to be real time and has to be from the real customers.It should be measurable and actionable.

With a strong focus on Enterprise Mobility Solutions and solid portfolio of mobile-Enabling businesses for more than six years, Madbee has recently forayed into the domain of customer experience insights.
How MPulse came about?
It all started with chit-chats with some business leaders who own franchised networks. In a typical franchise scenario, the principal has little information on the customer experience at individual franchise points. With their team of telecom and software professionals, Madbee devised an IoT device to capture data. Also, the Madbee team of professionals designed an insightful dashboard which slices and dices the data captured based on various metrics. Madbee's experience in data analytics projects helped them highlight patterns in data, using which the management gets an immediate grip on the quality of customer experiences at their various touch points. This was an instant hit.

" Madbee's experience in data analytics projects helped them highlight patterns in data"

Madbee took to calling it, Mpulse the solution to capture the pulse of a business'market.

What started off as a customer feedback product, now is being offered in different variants. Enterprises use it in the form of Mpulse Basic, which captures just anonymous feedback. MPulse-PRO helps businesses capture customer mobile number or invoice number, along with the feedback. With large corporates, MPulse Access enables employees to share their feedback, after tapping their employee access cards.

MPulse has a wide variety of industry applications and their clients include Apollo and Medall. Various pilots are underway with Municipal and Government bodies, to facilitate feedback as part of 'Swach Bharat Mission' and '100 Smart Cities' Project.

The Founder, Gopal Seetharaman, has more than 15 years of experience in this domain and his core belief is that any business process can be mobile-enabled, resulting in business efficiencies. And thus Madbee's products are largely operate on the MAAS (mobile application as a service) model. The products are designed around core concepts of immediate functionality and low cost of trial. Their other clients are Britannia, Cadbury, Aircel, Indian Oil, Apollo and many more. Madbee also has a strong portfolio of over 50 Apps on Playstore.