Artificial Intelligence A Boon Or Bane?

Moqierish Tak, Co-Founder, India Assist | Monday, 14 February 2022, 05:45 IST

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Alexa - What is the Temperature outside? Siri ­ Please play Hakuna Matata for me.
Artificial intelligence is immensely intertwined with our lives today. The imagination of our lives without an Android or Apple Smartphone, and technology including laptops is impossible today. As days pass, we become more and more dependent on the gifts that Artificial Intelligence has to offer us.

What is Artificial intelligence? AI is the blend of machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive computing. The aim of producing artificial intelligence was to use sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to mechanise cognitive functioning in order to assist the human species in accessing greater platforms and heights.

Humans are smart, but the problem with us is scalability. As humans, we are bound by limitations of morality and productive functioning rate, which has to accepted and respected. This is where AI comes in and bridges the gap of human limitations.

"With the introduction of AI in sectors like healthcare and banking, we can be assured of higher accuracy of results. AI eradicates all chances of making mistakes and leaves no room for human errors"

Why is Artificial Intelligence essential in today's fast paced world?
·High Accuracy of Results
With the introduction of AI in sectors like healthcare and banking, we can be assured of higher accuracy of results. AI eradicates all chances of making mistakes and leaves no room for human errors. Activities carried out by the tools of AI are executed with great precision. AI is being implemented in search operations, as well as in aiding doctors in complex medical procedures to remove the risk of human error.

•Make difficult task easy
There are several tasks that are beyond the ambit of what we, vulnerable humans can do. But with artificial intelligence to our rescue, we can employ the science of robotics and get such tasks done without fail. AI can be deployed to tackle dangerous jobs like welding which can have harmful consequences on humans. Toxic substances and intense heat cannot affect machines, thus saving human lives. Dangerous jobs like fuel exploration or ocean life exploration can also be undertaken by AI-driven machines, thus erasing the barrier of human limitation.

•Safety & Security
With the computed methods of AI, all our daily activities have been made safe and secure. It is for this purpose that financial institutions and banking institutions are incorporating AI to organize and manage data.


AI is being used to detect fraudulent actions through a smart card based system. Even in corporate houses and offices, records are being tracked down by biometric systems. This way sensitive information is safe and can be completely tracked.

•Increase Work Efficiency
Machines are programmed to work for long hours, productivity undoubtedly increases. Since AI-powered machines are designed to perform a particular task, they have better efficiency than their human peers do. With no room for human errors, productivity is doubled and the results are accurate .

Can AI pose a threat to Humanity?
Despite the benefits that AI provides, its flexibility, viability, and usability poses serval questions that we must answer. Scientists like Stephen Hawking have long warned about the risks of independent AI. The lack of morality and human values in a machine, as well as the implications of setting bad goals for the machine due to grave human errors , may lead to disastrous ends. Additionally, the global order witnesses the control of AI currently concentrated in the hands big conglomerates, ultimately driven by the directions of developed nations, creates large dilemmas of accessibility, monopoly control, and possible geopolitical threats.

With the constant evolution in AI, it is safe to assume that some technologies may speed things up far faster than current societies can handle. We are currently not too aware of the risks various forms of AI and super intelligence pose, and the nature of preventive actions that can be deployed to combat the same. Further, it is important to question whether such intelligent machines will continue to be at our beck and call, and the extent to which their intelligence may be able to overpower the human race.

The answer of the long drawn debate of whether AI is a boon or a bane lies in conflict between human intelligence and human greed. If we are smart, judicious, and fair, AI can be used to our advantage and help create a fair, accessible, and sustainable future. Like everything in this world, technology too has its challenges. However, Global cooperation and sustainable use can allow AI to help the human race fight all challenges.

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