Coforge: Meeting the Government's & Public Sector's Diverse Needs

Coforge: Meeting the Government's & Public Sector's Diverse Needs

CIO Vendor Goals of governance must be aligned with every citizen's requirements. Indian consumer has her own set of unique de-mands that can be met best with open source technologies that provide experimentation flexibility, scalability and easy integration. Additionally, mobility and multilingual systems can further pave the way forward. This segment is also moving toward cloud. At the same time, data security is of priority and needs to be ensured while implementing government and public sector technology solutions. In conjunction with this, time to market is another important criterion with the need for faster implementation of solutions. Furthermore, the Government is on the lookout for Solutions and Systems that generate local employment in metros as well as Tier-II and Tier-III towns.

Coforge, previously known as NIIT Technologies headquartered in Uttar Pradesh, is perfectly poised to revolutionize this sector with its broad spectrum of solutions and in-depth domain expertise. The company has understanding of the Government's need to improve the Service Delivery to its stakeholders, have single Source of truth & capture Data at Source to reach out to the rightful beneficiary, prevent frauds and provide value added services to the citizen. It also has additional responsibility to ensure Data security & Privacy, while democratising use of Technology & Systems. "We are driven by high-end technology solutions which can scale and our highly skilled and trained teams are adept at understanding the customers' needs and delivering results," explains Amitabh Nag, Senior Vice President & Head - India Business, Coforge.

The company with its team of experts offers services across all emerging technologies including but not limited to BPM, Intelligent process automation, AI & ML, Data Science and Data Analytics, Application Integration, Cloud Migration & Management. "We would
marry our knowledge of emerging technologies with our understanding of the government sector to offer the most optimum and outcome-based solutions," adds Amitabh.

Over the years, Coforge has executed multiple projects for the government sector, pan India. Amitabh recounts one such interesting project, for a large Security Organisation of the country, designed to help automate processes like Finance, Operations, Inventory Management and Personnel Information and integrate these functions to support quick decision making. "Coforge was one of the pioneers to ensure that the Government projects do not suffer due to lockdown. Using collaboration and security tools, Coforge has ensured that the project delivery and ongoing support can be provided by resources working from anywhere & anytime," says Amitabh.

We are driven by high-end technology solutions which can scale and our highly skilled and trained teams are adept at understanding the customers' needs and delivering results

Maintaining One of the Leadership Positions in the Government & Public Sector
Dedicated toward assuring superior levels of security, Coforge has deployed robust security Infrastructure so that the endpoint and the data center are secure. Security is at different layers, perimeter, application, endpoint & application layers. "The security layers created with various technology creates an umbrella framework which benefits the organization with Real-time intelligence, Centralized Monitoring System, Improved threat analysis across domains and locations, Efficient forensics and root cause analysis, Unified security incident management, Optimization of Monitoring and alerting mechanism," reveals Amitabh.

A titan in the government and public sector technology solutions, the 850mn company envisions achieving the '1 bn company' title. Amitabh signs off, "While we have a very strong legacy in the domains of Insurance, BFS and Travel, Technology & Hospitality, we are now entering new domains of healthcare, hi-tech, manufacturing and retail.