HIT Promotional Products: Fostering Empowerment & Enrichment Through Cross-Continental Collaboration By Eric Shonebarger, President & Lori Thibado, Director of Order Entry & Art

HIT Promotional Products: Fostering Empowerment & Enrichment Through Cross-Continental Collaboration

Eric Shonebarger, President & Lori Thibado, Director of Order Entry & Art | Monday, 18 December 2023, 09:11 IST

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Eric Shonebarger, President The promotional products manufacturing industry is a dynamic sector that fulfills the ever-growing demand for customized items used in marketing and branding efforts. In an era where brand visibility and recognition are crucial for businesses, the need for promotional products has skyrocketed. Large and small companies require unique, highquality items to leave a lasting impression on their customers. However, this industry faces its own set of challenges, including meeting tight deadlines, ensuring product quality, and managing the complexities of customization. A competent firm in this industry is essential to navigate these challenges successfully.

Based out of Florida, HIT Promotional Products is a leading force in the promotional products manufacturing industry, renowned for its dedication to delivering innovative and high-quality merchandise. With a rich history of providing promotional solutions, HIT has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their brand visibility. The company's extensive product range encompasses a wide variety of customizable items, including apparel, stationery, tech gadgets, and more, all designed to help clients effectively promote their brands. HIT's commitment to excellence extends beyond its product offerings; it also stands out for its dedication to positive collaboration, reflecting the organization's core values of empowerment, community impact, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of individuals, both locally and globally.

What separates HIT Promotional Products from other competitors in the market is the unwavering focus on delivering outstanding service, competitive pricing, and a substantial inventory of ethically sourced products. As a family-owned business with a rich history, HIT values the cultivation of genuine relationships with its clients, serving as partners from start to finish. With the capacity, capability, and commitment to tackle even the most intricate projects, the firm’s agility and quick decision-making abilities outpace its competitors. With the introduction of hundreds of new items annually, HIT is dedicated to setting the industry standard with top-tier service, a passion for fostering strong bonds, and a dedication to social accountability.

"HIT Promotional Products’ mission has always been to go beyond promotional products & make a meaningful impact on lives & communities, to reach new heights of success & fulfillment"

Fostering Growth through Collaboration
In a groundbreaking cross-continental collaboration, HIT Promotional Products, and Somnetics, a distinguished software products and IT services organization boasting twenty-six years of excellence, based in Kolkata, have joined forces with a shared vision that extends far beyond mere business objectives. The partnership, initiated nearly four years ago when HIT wisely outsourced a segment of the business processes to harness the capabilities of Somnetics, has since blossomed into a transformative endeavor. Together, the firms aspire to not only work together but to profoundly impact the lives of individuals in India by providing professional training and exposure to remarkable opportunities.

“I whole heartedly echo the sentiment that meaningful collaboration transcends borders and transforms lives. We all encounter challenges on our journey to success, and the opportunity to make a positive impact is a privilege we should embrace. This partnership with HIT has been instrumental in empowering individuals, enabling them to surmount obstacles and achieve new heights in their personal and professional lives. The ripple effect of this collaboration has been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing the true potential of global teamwork in effecting change and inspiring hope,” adds Shantanu Som, CEO of Somnetics.

Testimonials of Transformation
Through the partnership, individuals like Prity Kumari Singh, Sanishtha Basu, Dhishani Biswas, Rakesh Mriddha, Vivek Kumar Sharma, Sonali Dey, Aritra Sarkar, Soume Paul, Santosh Singh and many more have found opportunities that have not only provided them with economic stability but have also ignited a sense of purpose and empowerment. By providing a lifeline for these individuals to pursue their dreams and support their families, Somnetics and HIT Promotional Products have created a ripple effect of hope and resilience, showcasing the remarkable impact that corporate collaboration can have on the lives of those seeking a brighter future.

Expressing heartfelt gratitude, Prity Kumari Singh, who holds the distinction of being the first female graduate in her village and her family, conveys her profound appreciation for the remarkable job opportunity she has been granted. “I want to express my deep gratitude for the job opportunity that I've been fortunate to secure. Working in this corporate position has not only been an inspiration to my community but has also given me a profound sense of purpose and empowerment,” asserts Prity.

“I find immeasurable fulfillment in our collaborative effort with SOMNETICS, both on a professional and personal level. Professionally, it reaffirms the very essence of our work, underlining our unwavering commitment to creating opportunities for growth and empowerment, transcending geographical boundaries. Personally, it is deeply satisfying to witness firsthand how our decisions have positively impacted the livelihoods, self-esteem, and dreams of individuals in India,” states Eric Shonebarger, President of HIT Promotional Products.

Strategic Path to Future Growth
In the pursuit of future growth and enhanced client engagement, HIT Promotional Products is strategically planning its course. “The integration of state-of-the-art AI tools and comprehensive Excel training underscores HIT's commitment to preparing its workforce for the evolving demands of the business landscape,” adds Raj Mukherjee, HIT Promotional Products' Chief Information Officer (CIO).

“As HIT continues to expand, there are abundant opportunities for the younger generations to gain versatile skills within the organization, with a strong emphasis on staying up-to-date with emerging technology and design trends across all levels, ensuring the company remains a pioneer in innovation and service excellence,” concludes Lori Thibado, the Director of Order Entry & Art at HIT Promotional Products.

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