20 Most Promising mHealth Technology Solution Providers - 2019

20 Most Promising mHealth Technology Solution Providers - 2019

Expert medical advice is no longer confined to the doctor’s office, as video consultations and messaging services connect people to medical professionals from the comfort of their own home. mHealth improves accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare for millions of people around the world. The mHealth market size was valued over USD 30.2 billion in 2018 and is expected to witness more than 38.0 percent CAGR from 2019 to 2025.

Furthermore, the growing demand for healthcare information systems and the launch of new mobile applications related to mHealth technologies are the factors driving the growth of the global market. The global M-health device market is expected to reach USD 48,663.2 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 35.03 percent during the forecasted period. The global M-health device market is segmented on the basis of types, application, and regions. On the basis of types, the market is segmented into medical devices, health and fitness devices, and others. The medical devices segment market accounts the largest share and is expected to reach USD 39,530.4 million by 2023 from USD 4,752.5 million in 2016 at the CAGR of 34.89 percent for the forecasted periods.

Besides this, growing prevalence of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac diseases will drive mHealth market growth in the coming years. mHealth technology is viewed as a solution to improve healthcare cost efficiency as healthcare providers seek to maximize their patient outreach while minimizing costs. Moreover, increasing penetration of tablet and smartphones users and growing need for remote patient monitoring services have caregivers’ attention for good.

Hence, ease of access and mobility provided by the application of mHealth offers immense opportunities for the healthcare industry, thereby resulting in more accessible, faster, better, and cheaper healthcare solutions. Therefore, we present to you a list of 20 Most Promising mHealth Technology Solution Providers - 2019. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial board, we believe that these vendors will enable healthcare experts to reach their patients anytime and from anywhere. More so, improve the operating performance of their clinics enabling patients to receive quick and easy solutions for their health ailments, thereby boosting the segmental growth.


We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising mHealth Technology Solution Providers - 2019.

Top mHealth Technology Solution Providers

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
SeekMed Delivers tele-medicine platform to provide video consultations to support emergency cases.
Company Of The Year
Company Name Company Description
Anidra Raksha Delivers a remote vital signs monitoring system that uses wearable sensors to monitor patients’ vital signs.
Company Name Company Description
Cloudbreak Health A provider of telehealth solutions and interpretation services.
ConnectWell Enables digital health and wellness content designed for consumer audience to engage people in total health and well-being.
Credihealth Avails solutions for online appointment booking, compare & select hospitals & doctors, and personalized guidance by in-house medical experts.
DigiLooks Healthcare Delivers digital healthcare platform to store, organize and retrieve health records.
HealthBot Specializes in Healthcare IOT, Rural Healthcare, Social Health Enterprise, Chronic Disease Management, and Lifestyle Disease Manaement.
Healthians A provider of preventive health check-ups, health care services, and diagnostic services.
HelloDoc India Specialities lies in Health Cards, Teleconsult, Treatment Plans, Nutrition, Dental Treatments, and Appointments.
HOD LIFE Enables anytime connectivity with health experts and gives data-driven insights to the user.
I Online Doctor Competency lies in Online Health Care, E-Prescription, Diagnosis, and medical information.
Navia Life Care Provides end-to-end clinic management and patient engagement software and web-based CMS.
Optum Facilitates modern healthcare services with data & analytics, healthcare delivery, healthcare operations, pharmacy care services, population health management and advisory services.
Palash IVF Provides services in fertility EMR, fertility witness system, fertility connect, and multi location clinic management.
Patient Click Avails Electronic Health Records, Practice Management Solutions, Health Record Management, Virtual Office Services, and TeleMedicine.
Practo Develops Practice Management Software, Electronic Medical Records and Doctor Search Engine.
Q Up Expertise revolves around healthcare technology, OPD management, Queueing Technology, and Patient relationship management.
Qural Designs solutions for patient scheduling, electronic medical records (EMR)(EHR) management, patient tracking etc.
Redheal Offers networking platform that supports patients by connecting different aspects of healthcare including clinics, hospitals, diagnostics, insurance, and pharmacy.
Smart Consultant Builds customized apps for Medical Associations, Conference and Clinics.