Sip and voip technology

Sourabh Tiwari, CIO & Head IT, OVERSEAS INFRASTRUCTURE ALLIANCE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED | Wednesday, 25 July 2018, 11:17 IST

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Technology helps us to communicate with people living in remote areas and is extremely simple and quick. The telecommunication science is getting improved day by day and the advancement in the telecommunication devices like telephones, mobile has shortened the distance between people. Today, anyone can talk, chat, and make video calls to their loved ones living in other countries with the help of VoIP and SIP calls.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is a signaling protocol defined by IETF. It is now being used widely in order to control the communication sessions like video and voice calls over the Internet. The SIP calls are made to create, modify and terminate unicast(two-party) or multicast (multiparty) sessions. A session may contain single or numerous media streams. The SIP protocol can also be used for multimedia distribution, video conferencing, presence information, instant messaging, online games and file transfer.

The SIP is a type of Application Layer protocol that is developed, as an independent Transport Layer. This application uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), or Stream control transmission Protocol (SCTP). SIP calls make use of a text-based protocol and incorporate with many other elements like HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). 

Utilizing Voice over IP means having only one wiring system come into a house or business. Imagine starting up a new company in a new location and only having to wire for the internet. That's right, one Internetline can take care of all communication needs, including telephone data exchanges, online faxing, and interoffice messaging. Computer scan connects to computers around the world and costs much cheaper than a standard long-distance plan with traditional telephones orwith roaming costs on cell phones. As long as there is an Internet connection available, VoIP technology maybe utilized. The way a voice may be transmitted over the Internet is through integrating voice traffic into aflow of data over a network, vocalizing over Internetconnections, using a computer in place of a householdor commercial traditional telephone system. When placinga call, the caller's voice is routed through all-purpose packet-switched Internet network and the data istransferred. Now, telephone transmission lines can bereplaced and a single source of transmission used. Voice and data can be transmitted through a multipurpose network with a VoIP Internet phone.

“The SIP technology needs the only broadband internet connection and IP or particular smartphones”

With the help of such VoIP, SIP protocols, easily stay in touch with family and friends living all around the world. The SIP technology needs only broadband internet connection and IP or particular smart phones. The aforementioned feature is accessible on lots of messengers, websites and various portals with which you can call anybody living in distant places. VoIP services are based either free on per-minute rate or flat-rate. IP networks, data and voice can be routed through differentpaths and bandwidths. Also, real-time costs of global swapping between one carriers to another help quality improvements. As the industry grows, consumers and businesses want quality voice transactions without interrupted service. But, there is no doubt, the fantastic technology is here to stay and bring about great change in the way we communicate within borders and with the world.

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