GE's Spectrus TD1100E Mitigates Risk of Legionella By CIOReview Team

GE's Spectrus TD1100E Mitigates Risk of Legionella

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 28 May 2015, 11:41 IST

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TREVOSE, PA: GE Power & Water, a provider of a broad array of power generation, energy delivery and water process technologies has introduced Spectrus TD1100E, a new biocide to reduce microbiologically influenced corrosion for industrial cooling water systems.

In order to protect the cooling water systems that are used in the production of various industrial plants and commercial and institutional facilities for comfort cooling, GE has launched the new biocede avoiding damage to the equipment and system efficiencies. The damage includes losses in production and use of excessive water and energy. Microbial growth should also be controlled to the maximum so as to avoid health risks.

Spectrus TD1100E, the non-oxidizing microbiological control agent reduces the potential risk of Legionella, a pathogenic group of Gram-negative bacteria causing pneumonia type illness and a mild flu like illness called Pontiac fever by removing sessile bacteria from cooling system. The biocede is also used to kill and control microbial populations in open evaporative cooling systems.

GE’s unique liposome-enhanced biocide directly targets biofouled surfaces within the cooling system and the tower pack with less chemical handling and a lower environmental footprint. It also improves heat transfer rates, increases efficiency, reduces the amount of chemicals, which lowers environmental impact, and diminishes absorbable organic halogens in effluent water.

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