WOKKITpro App - Reshaping Real Estate Business By CIOReview Team

WOKKITpro App - Reshaping Real Estate Business

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 18 October 2018, 10:26 IST

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G. Venkata Real Estate has always been about 2 things - LOCATION & INFORMATION - and the latter, i.e. INFORMATION, is still not available on a single platform.

Mr. G. Venkata Raman, founder of WOKKITpro, personally feels that the Real Estate segment in India has a long way to go in terms of embracing technology to facilitate ease of doing business. The industry is not very organized when compared to the global scenario and all critical information to do business is still very scattered. The management of WOKKITpro has been associated with the real estate industry for the past 4 decades and considering the complexity of any real estate transaction and the various parameters involved, doing real estate business in India still remains a challenge.

This is when the idea of WOKKITpro was born!

WOKKITpro, today, is the only DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY POWERED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE TOOL for Real Estate industry in India. Launched in Tamil Nadu, WOKKITpro has plans to expand nationwide soon.

WOKKITpro is a comprehensive repository of updated real estate specific information which helps its customers to take accurate and informed business decisions. WOKKITpro helps its users to analyze and interpret information specific to their business needs and catalyzes growth.

WOKKITpro has the biggest challenge of recruiting the right resources with the required skill sets and training them from the real estate business perspective was another challenge. Also, translating all the real estate industry information to the minutest of the detail from business perspective onto the software was also a challenge. Well, these are evolving processes and WOKKITpro is leaving no stone unturned to facilitate enhanced user experience.

All their prospective clients in the market have confessed that collating all critical real estate specific information, whether it is Classifieds or Advertisements, from so many sources, both from newspapers and online news portals, useful for their business, is a very laborious task; and also, not without human errors.

WOKKITpro, to these customers, has come as a boon, as it just does that with fractional errors.

Features like Public Notice, Gazette & Judgements give them all the legal information and avoid future litigations. These are unique to WOKKITpro and made available over a click of a button.

The clients are really excited and they want WOKKITpro to go PAN India.

WOKKITpro aggregates all real estate industry information which helps its clients with leads and also to take informed decisions.

If you open the WOKKITpro app today, you will find close to 2 million real estate specific data useful for its client’s business. Therefore, it will be no exaggeration to state that the WOKKITpro app is an information aggregator specific to real estate business needs.

The app also connects prospective buyers, sellers, traders, real estate suppliers and service providers on a single platform

WOKKITpro is completely data driven and the process involves culling out millions of real estate specific data from hundreds of newspaper editions, news portals et al and uploading the same on our WOKKITpro application. This task is herculean but their team of close to 100 qualified members in the production team, working in 2 shifts, makes it happen!

WOKKITpro delivers quality without compromise. However, when WOKKITpro interviewed a few industry stalwarts after taking them through the application before they launched their solution in Jan 2018, they had suggested a price which was nearly 10 times the existing price band of WOKKITpro. WOKKITpro management, very consciously, decided to keep the subscription price much lower as they wanted the customers to enjoy all the benefits of WOKKITpro at a reasonable cost which works out to approximately Rs. 20 a day without taxes. So, today, WOKKITpro is available at very competitive on price with no compromise on quality.

In terms of benefits, they provide all their users very comprehensive information on news, classifieds, advertisements, tenders, public notice, area info, gazettes, judgments, get quotes, manage locations & listings.

All the above data help their clients in streamlining their business.

Today, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges like economic uncertainty, market complexity, hyper-competition, changing consumer expectations and regulatory pressures. Both private and public organizations are looking for next-generation services.

Keeping all these market conditions in mind, clients with first-hand information on real estate & properties always stand to win.

WOKKITpro will be soon moving into artificial intelligence to collate data. This will be their next move in terms of technology.

WOKKITpro, as a solution, is a niche by itself, in India. The core competency of WOKKITpro lies in its business specific data which forms its nucleus.

As of today, there is no such B2B application like WOKKITpro that offers a similar solution.

WOKKITpro's growth has been slow and steady but increasing every day as more and more customers are subscribing to WOKKITpro App.

The niche solution that they provide will catapult their growth in the years to come.

WOKKITpro offers amazing work culture to its employees; it has some best talent onboard available in the market. From numerous brain storming sessions that the management has had with all team members before freezing on a particular feature, WOKKITpro management encourages its team to regularly throw up ideas anytime. WOKKITpro has always believed in cross fertilizing innovative impulses, wherever they come from, from both within and outside of their organization.

In a nutshell, WOKKITpro encourages proactive initiatives, willingness to learn and creative thinking. They also reward such initiatives as a token of appreciation and recognition.

WOKKITpro will become synonymous with Real Estate nationwide and they have plans to foray into other verticals to facilitate ease of doing business.

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