Know About the Types & Functioning of Different Solar Inverters

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Know About the Types & Functioning of Different Solar InvertersIn today’s era, the entire world is battling an environmental crisis; there is a need to switch over to sustainable means of producing electricity. Using a solar system is one of the best ways to contribute towards the betterment of the environment. The main components of a solar system are solar panels (the device the converts the sunlight into electrical power) , solar inverters (the device that transforms the Direct Current to Alternating Current) and solar batteries for storing excess power generated by solar panels. However, many overlook the need of a quality solar inverter. 

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is one of the most vital components of a solar power system. It is responsible for converting direct current into an alternating current, thereby making the energy usable for a wide range of residential, commercial as well as industrial applications. This energy powers appliances ranging from regular home appliances such as TV, refrigerator, and microwaves to huge industrial equipment. A solar inverter not only helps in making green energy accessible but also helps in monitoring the functioning of the entire solar system and provides diagnostic data that is required to identify and fix any kind of technical failures.

With the help of solar inverters, you can store excess power generated by solar panels in batteries or export to the grid.

To have a clear understanding, listed below are some important and primary responsibilities of a solar inverter:

●       The basic function of a solar inverter is that it helps in converting direct current into alternating current

●       It helps in the maximization of energy production

●       A solar inverter allows you to safely handle all the system operations

●       It allows you to efficiently track your power output

●       It offers improved grid assistance capabilities

We bring you a list of different types of solar inverters available in India, along with their applications and benefits:

  1. On-Grid Solar Inverter

An on-grid solar inverter is one of the most common and widely used inverters in homes and businesses. A majority of on-grid solar inverters are based on the maximum power point tracking principle. It is a feature that helps in squeezing the maximum amount of current possible. An on-grid inverter does not function in case of a power outage situation. As a result, you will not have access to any electricity during this outage. This is known as Anti-islanding; it is a feature that helps in preventing any electrical shock to the lineman at work. It also offers additional backup of power from the utility grid.


●       It is an affordable inverter

●       This inverter helps in saving money by exporting excess power generated to the grid

●       Helps in combatting high electricity demand

●       It is easy to install


An on-grid solar inverter is suitable for homes and offices in urban areas as they have access to power connections and lines to connect to the utility grid. If you are not looking forward to investing in a solar battery, then an on-grid inverter will be the perfect choice.

  1. Off-Grid Solar Inverter

An off-grid solar inverter can be defined as one that is not connected to the electricity grid and requires battery storage. The inverter is designed in a manner so that it will produce enough power and have sufficient battery capacity to meet household requirements.


●       It is a self-sustainable system of energy that does not need connectivity to a power grid

●       An off-grid inverter is pocket-friendly

●       Offers easy installation in rural areas where the power grid is located at far-off places

●       It can operate regardless of any power failure

●       A reliable system due to storage of power in batteries


An off-grid inverter is ideal for remote or rural areas where the power grid is situated at a far-off place from the solar inverter and connecting the inverter with the power grid would not be a viable option.

  1. Hybrid Solar Inverter

A hybrid solar inverter refers to the combination of an on-grid and an off-grid solar inverter, and it includes a hybrid inverter, solar panels, and batteries, which makes this inverter more versatile in comparison to other solar inverters. It can function without any grid, store electricity in batteries, and export excess energy to the grid.


●       It helps in efficient and effective load management

●       The hybrid inverter offers continuity in power supply

●       At times of high energy requirement, a hybrid inverter helps in facilitating the use of stored energy. This helps in efficient energy management

●       A hybrid solar inverter requires low maintenance


This type of inverter is suitable for people who want to cut down on costs by utilizing the energy produced from the sun during the daytime as well as store the same energy in batteries to support energy usage after sunset and export excessive power generated to grid to reduce their monthly bills. Such types of inverters are perfect for users who encounter frequent power cuts, excessive load shedding and want to save money on their monthly bills.

In the end, it’s the consumer’s choice to opt for a solar inverter that will suit their needs the best and also fit well within their budget. Trusted brands like Luminous offer a wide portfolio of solar inverters that are carefully designed to suit the unique needs of your house.

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