20 Most Promising Hospitality Technology Solution Providers – 2018

20 Most Promising Hospitality Technology Solution Providers – 2018

Advancing technologies are gradually reshaping the fundamental foundation of the hospitality industry. The permeation of smartphones, better internet connectivity, and newer technology-driven tools acts as a catalyst in the increased digitization of the hospitality domain. Enterprises are embracing a bouquet of travel technology solutions to alter how customers choose and access services in this sector. The industry is leveraging the ubiquity of smartphones to enable guests to save time and customize their experiences right from check-in to checkout. The deployment of hospitality technology solutions offer a plethora of benefits like increased revenue, enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer experience, better service quality and higher return on investment. However, one needs to completely understand the consumer behavior and especially consumer information search behavior in order to assist enterprises to meet and exceed the needs of every customer’s unique requirements. The hospitality industry is yet to fully exploit the various trending technologies to its full potential to improve guest experiences. Recognizing the potential of this market, there has been an influx of solution providers in this sector, making the selection of the right vendor an arduous task. While there may be a host of solution providers offering hospitality technology solutions, not all the vendors possess the perfect combination of innovative solutions and a team with the right skill-set and capabilities to cater to the client’s specific requirements.

A list of “20 Most Promising Hospitality Technology Solution Providers” prepared by a renowned advisory group of CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and the CIOReview editorial team features vendors that display the required expertise and deep domain knowledge in tandem with a comprehensive suite of solutions that will assist enterprises in achieving improved customer satisfaction.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising Hospitality Technology Solution Providers – 2018.

Top Hospitality Technology Solution Providers –

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
RMS Equips the hospitality industry with an expansive portfolio of offerings that includes Reservation Management Software, Online Bookings, Channel Management, Point of Sale, Guest Marketing, and...
Company Name Company Description
AGC Networks Provider of hospitality technology solutions.
Asia Tech Provider of online solutions to travel and hospitality industry.
AxisRooms Provider of technological solutions for travel and hospitality industry
Bookingjini Delivers a portfolio of solutions that encompasses a Booking Engine, ChannelManager, Digital Marketing and Mobile Applications for hotels.
Cognizant Provider of travel and technology solutions for expanded loyalty ecosystems and tech-driven guest experiences
CRS Technologies Provider of technological solutions for travel and hospitality industry
Cybage Provider of information technology solutions for travel and hospitality segment.
Cyber Infrastructure Provider of IT solutions for travel, tourism and hospitality industry.
DigiValet Provider of guest room solution for luxury hotels
GI Retail Provider of hospitality technology solutions
Glowing.io Enables hotels to deliver personalized guest experiences with real-time mobile messaging and communication.
Happiest Minds Technologies Provider of technology solutions for the hospitality industry
ITC Infotech Provider of services and solutions for customer engagement for hospitality industry.
LUCID Provider of hospitality software solutions to hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, restraunts and club.
Maraekat Infotech Provider of web based booking engine
Mycloud Hospitality Provider of cloud-based-hotel-management-software
QiK Circle A Provider of a 360 degree Hotel Management Software, tailored for the complete spectrum of requirements of the Hospitality Industry.
Xn protel Provider of global hospitality management software to world class hospitality companies.
Zebra Technologies Offers Hospitality technology for Food & Beverage Operations, Communications, Restaurant and Hotel Inventory Management, and Loyalty & Access Card Printing.