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Agami Tech Pvt Ltd.: Offering Call Center Solutions with Unified View of Operations


As technology advances, organizations demand for aggregate solutions that can reduce operational cost and complexities, bring accurate, reliable customer information and resolution across all channels and offer high quality on customer service delivery. Being a comprehensive solution provider with thorough understanding of Customer Experience Management, Agami-Tech Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Mumbai, helps its clients in achieving operational excellence by providing a unified platform that integrates seamlessly with the existing set up of the client and drives expected results. Across the world, the company is aiding its clients to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives in the field of Unified Customer Interaction Management and Learning Management Solutions. Functioning as a Cultural Information Technology Solutions and Business Consulting Company, Agami-Tech is specialized in providing Learning Management Solutions, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Customer Application Development besides its comprehensive Unified Customer Interaction Management suite.

Agami-Tech has perspective in offering creative and innovative solutions to its clients while simplifying affordability. Its IP (Internet Protocol) based Telephony solution has a set of cutting-edge features to resolve dynamic business requirements. The solution comes with the ease to install and provides great flexibility offering collaboration across various platforms like voice, data, video and multimedia. It’s a complete power packed package that comes with the high end features, adding an innovative edge to the technology and delivering reliable solutions.

Additionally, Agami-Tech offers voice recorder module, an in-house product named as ANICEYA that comes with compliance and business security as priority. This platform provides comprehensive call recording technology and adapts to unique operational requirements of any business easily. ANICEYA is a flexible solution that can seamlessly integrate with the existing organizational environment of its clients. It can be deployed in a variety of configurations while scaling from a single site system to a distributed multi-site environment. The solution extends up to offering features like live supervision, user friendly interface, user and access management, graphical representation of data and many more.

And when it comes to IVRS (Interactive Voice Response Systems), Agami-Tech’s customized IVRS solution is designed to enhance the efficiency of the organization by simplifying business process integration, increasing flexibility, and providing efficiency in network hosting. It can easily integrate with any third party engines to enhance business practices while offering speech integration, voice analysis, tracking feedbacks, customer segmentation based on business synergies etc. It helps its clients to improve efficiency, reduce costs, save staff timing and enhance responsiveness through innovative Interactive Voice Response Customization. It can be used to automate a wide range of business applications.

Agami-Tech delivers cost optimizing IT services to its clients, globally. With a team of young and enthusiastic experts they offer consultancy services to their clients in defining their CIM (Customer Interaction Management) requirements. Being a young, customer centric and software Product Company, Agami-Tech foresees its expansion in various verticals and thus bringing stability in the CIM landscape.