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Altius Customer Services Pvt Ltd.: Revamping the Call Centre Industry through Customized Solutions’ Deployment


As technology advances like SMAC gain momentum, call centre solution providers are adapting to the growing demand of social media management, live chat and others for agile query resolution. To cater resolutions to today’s tech-savvy customers’ evolving requirements, enterprises need to utilize customized solutions. Geared up with customised solutions to resolve dynamic business requirements, Navi Mumbai headquartered Altius Customer Services, an IT and BPO Services provider, furnishes call centre services to its clients throughout the customer life-cycle. “We not only customize our solutions to meet Client expectations but we also go the extra mile by trying to understand the DNA or Ethos of the Client and reflect that through our people in every interaction that we have with customers,” says Nabil Mahimwala, Director. The company divides its portfolio of offerings into three distinct parts, which cater to different business verticals i.e. BPO Services, Software Development and E-Commerce Consulting Services.

Altius endorses a partnership driven approach since its commencement in 2002 and offers niche services. Through its BPO services, the company covers the entire life cycle of a customer’s interaction in various regional and international languages. Its BPO services cover customer acquisition, customer support, complaint management, technical support, 24/7 emergency response lines, information dissemination, collections etc. All of this is seamlessly managed across its three branches across India providing much needed Business Continuity to its clients.

With years of experience in inbound call centre solutions, Altius has a unique combination of functional expertise, industry knowledge, contact centre technology and program management flexibility to customize a program for addressing specific needs of its clients. To offer effective inbound call centre service, the company closely monitors call flow volumes , Daily/ Weekly or Monthly Trends , AHT (Average handling time) and Wrap Times etc. for effectively decreasing inefficiencies with technology integration and people management. This helps Altius to ensure tracking through automation thereby reducing manual intervention. When it comes to outbound call centre services, Altius performs successful sales campaigns across various geographies and verticals. It offers services which include lead generation, sales and renewals, surveys and market research, follow up and up selling or soft selling, telemarketing services and collections etc.

Having a client base within the Healthcare and FMCG vertical, Altius offers healthcare services to hospitals, healthcare providers, biomedical equipment manufacturers and clinics Pan India. It is a leading provider of OPD Management, Customer Feedback Surveys, Accounts receivable management, claims processing, and healthcare revenue management.

Altius assists companies that range from start-ups to SME’s and Fortune 500 Companies. The company offers a wide a range of services across diversified sectors like Telecom, Healthcare, FMCG, Collections, Hospitality and Financial services. Additionally, Altius aims to develop strong expertise in domestic market and an order book increment from developed economies like USA and Middle East in the near future.