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AuditBot: A SaaS Platform for SAP License Optimization to Avoid Violation of License Agreements

SAP licensing becomes extremely complex with multiple SAP systems in a landscape. This complexity leaves many SAP customers unable to measure their real SAP License consumption, which further leads to overpayments of SAP License Fees. Although SAP renders tools to measure the usage of SAP licenses, the tools do not collect and report sufficient information to guide the customer in optimizing SAP license classification. Moreover, the notifications of overuse of SAP Licenses or violation of the SAP License Agreement upsurge client problems, resulting in need of guidance to handle the situation. Endowing a cloud enabled License Saver tool for SAP is AuditBoT, headquartered in Delaware, USA that collects the existing user usage information from the system and offers recommendations for an ideal SAP License type. AuditBot bestows clients with a SAP License Saving Guarantee and customized solution that caters to the requirements of
the customer.

Incepted with the mission to be a single source provider for SAP Risk-management, AuditBot trains clients to sustain and maintain the success of the SAP Risk management solutions. AuditBot extends guidance to clients in situations such as receiving a Non-Compliance letter from SAP about over usage of SAP License; or if client expands or merges with another organization and needs to buy additional SAP Licenses for new employees. “We also furnish services in case client is closing some of the operations or splitting from the parent organization.” adds Vel Jayapaul, President, AuditBot.

Analysis of User Logs to Eliminate Risks
To avoid situations where SAP License issue is the result of poor SAP security design and access risk issues; AuditBot recommends cleaning up client’s user access to reduce the risks. AuditBot also facilitates free SAP License and Risk assessment reports to allow customers to see the results before buying the tools. This aids saving client’s money on SAP License cost. Moreover, for time-saving and cost-saving benefits, AuditBot accomplishes feature of SAP License Audit to collect data from multiple logs including Audit Log, Transaction Usage log and Table posting log. SAP Transaction Usage Analyzer further collects details of transaction used in logs and sends alerts to caution the clients about happening of specific event. In its attempt to maintain audit compliance within finance, internal audit, and IT organizations, AuditBot accomplishes a GRC Tool for SAP that checks and alerts clients in situations of occurrence of risks. With the Access Control solution, AuditBot empowers monitoring of access risks within users. The firm further facilitates tracking and checking of sensitive events like password changes and escalation of privileges with Cyber Security Monitor that aids organizations to manage, approve and watch privileged access. The Software License Optimization tools for SAP also succor in decreasing cost escalation by identifying idle and duplicate SAP users.

With the basic formulae for success being a no obligation 30 days proof of concept installation on the customers system, AuditBot works towards expanding its customer base across the globe. Moving further, AuditBot pledges to understand customer's specific requirements and tailor solutions accordingly to fulfill client’s mission critical needs.

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