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Bodhtree: Transforming Businesses through Continuous BI Innovations


Most businesses today prefer to forecast the future through meaningful insights from past trends, to sustain competitive advantage. This explains the rising demand for Analytics and Business Intelligence tools across geographies and industries. Founded in 1999, Bodhtree helps in implementing Business Intelligence tools and aligning them with strategic enterprise goals. Bodhtree's dedicated analytics teams have empowered clients across the globe with the insight needed for critical decision making. With extensive domain and technology expertise, their solutions integrate seamlessly within existing IT infrastructures, ensuring optimal business performance and maximized return on technology investments.

At a macro level, Bodhtree provides end-to-end services across the BI spectrum, which include data sciences/data analysis, design services, data management/integration and information delivery using advanced visualization tools and techniques.

Having understood the importance of customer satisfaction for its clients, Bodhtree stays focused on creating IP enabled vertical solutions that span the length and breadth of customer footprints and help address their challenges head-on. "Given the trend that more and more customers are adopting cloud based technologies, we've built ready-to-use, out-of-the-box connectors for cloud software, that helps them stay ahead of their competition", says Pal Natarajan, CEO, Bodhtree.

With a strong penchant towards innovative practices, the company constantly strives to deliver technological advantages by focusing on 'accelerators'. Accelerators are reusable components in most of the defined big data platforms. They have also built several certified IP connectors for major ERPs including SAP and Oracle as well as leading cloud based CRMs such as Salesforce to name a few. This allows providing point solutions for their clients irrespective of the ERP or CRM that they may be using.

The BI provider tries to innovate by leveraging technology and domain expertise to conceptualize solutions that address specific business challenges. By challenging teams to specialize in one practice rather than a specific tool or technology, Natarajan ensures that new ideas are generated and an environment is provided to build proof-of-concepts for different business solutions.

Bodhtree has been on an aggressive growth track as market demand continues to grow for Big Data and Business Analytics Solutions. They plan to develop an automated, customizable and end-to-end BI framework on Cloud that simplifies analytics for the customers. Moving forward, the company plans to utilize its domain expertise and develop vertical-specific BI solutions with pre-built templates to enable customers to analyze data against KPIs specific to their organizations.