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Cnetric: Facilitating the growth of the Retail industry with scalable e-Business and Business Analytics solutions


Customers online have encountered the pitfalls of ecommerce solutions that are not capable of providing a consistent shopping experience across the retailer’s channels. Consequently, these solutions fail to meet the right demands of the online-retailers. Helping Retailers navigate through the myriad choice of ecommerce platforms with varied value propositions and selecting the right solution and addressing challenges related to supply chain integration, order and inventory management and visibility across brick-and-mortar and online stores and digital analytics to empower strong customer –centric shopping experiences is Cnetric’s forte. Headquartered in Bangalore with offices worldwide Cnetric provides both SME and large retailers an omni-channel ecommerce platform that ensures reduced inventory costs and allows customers to create and maintain online stores using a cost effective subscription basis. Cnetric’s Commerce-as-a-service solution namely Universal Commerce Suite™ (UCS) powered by IBM WebSphere & Sterling Commerce offers a seamless and scalable platform which meets the exact and precise demands of the online retailer and brings in customer-centric online shopping experiences.

“Cnetric has been able to provide cost optimized eCommerce platform enabled with precision marketing and analytics to increase conversions and drive revenue growth through a unique subscription based Opex model”- says by Manohar Durai, President & CTO, Cnetric Enterprise Solutions. Having partnered with IBM and with skilled team in its arsenal, Cnetric builds online stores and attends to customer’s business requirements within short setup times while incorporating scalability as the prime necessity to convene customers’ future need and drive operational excellence.

Currently, the Indian enterprise solutions market is anticipating the growth in the retail segments such as fashion, Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) and grocery and related goods. Retailers are awakening to new business opportunities by adopting new technologies to provide customers a true multi-channel shopping experience. With growing sophistication and ecommerce efforts to attain maturity in Asia Pacific region, Cnetric nurtures these growing business opportunities to power new e-commerce platforms and stretch out its market research.

Because of the increasing information complexity, businesses look out for ways to use analytics as a platform to make information readily available by leveraging fact-based decision support systems. Cnetric’s Universal Retail Dashboard™ (URD) smoothens the progress of businesses and aids in transforming data into meaningful information to increase the ease of decision-making. Clients acquire the intelligible advantage of viewing the significant information deciphered from data which is being sourced from various report ingrained into the URD. Imparting increased visibility and scalability to businesses, URD is a differentiator which inspires Cnetric to give a substantial competition to the major market players. The strong experience of Cnetric in e-Business, Integration and Analytics solutions worldwide caters to the need of evolving ecommerce businesses by reducing customer risk and ensuring successful project outcomes. With over 100 years of experience with the professional delivery teams, Cnetric believes that its innovative SaaS solutions for e-Commerce and Analytics will empower online retailers to accomplish their eBusiness objectives and unleash value.