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Data Analytics from EMC Isilon’s Perspective


Previously as the district manager of EMC in Sydney, Ben Goodman was responsible for EMC's go to market strategy around Broadcast and Media - Customers, Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Technology Alliances. Presently, Ben serves as the GM Isilon Division, APJ, EMC, and is passionate about helping people and organisations realise potential they never knew they had and achieve outcomes they had not considered pursuing.
Amit Mehta is an astute professional with 20 years cross-functional rich experience in Sales, Product Marketing, Field Marketing, Strategy Planning & Principal Alliance Management. He is currently designated with EMC as Country Manager- EMC Isilon Storage Division (India & SAARC).

In the last 4-5 years, we had the concept of big data in the market and it was a big term that defined customer seeing value in data. The industry has really changed since then from customers conceptualizing how they might extract value out of it to built platform to monetize whether it’s in improving services in health care, masking right decisions in banking or bringing grocery shops to more parts of the Indian market through online retail. These are all initiatives that exist as function to what we call big data. The market has really gone by the big data term to beneficial deliverables and that probably is the big shift in the market from theory to the practical applications whose sole focus is to help customers extract the value of their information. There are two kinds of impact; there is cross business impact which is driven by customer experience. Retail firms and banks, which have a lot of different channels to market, are getting into the multi-platform version of analytics. The other impact is on groups that really want to drive a specific outcome. They look into very discreet number of data sources and depending on the kind of customers, some industries are searching ways to maximize the customer experience across all platforms versus electronic design.

The Indian market for Isilon has been very well. India has got a lot of engineering and design skill-set. India is one of the main hubs of electronic design and other big corporations and these are the very strong areas for Isilon where we have a large value proposition and we continue to grow in this space as a strong vertical with all the new workloads. In the medical research space in India and across APJ a lot work has been done in medical research.

Most of the organizations have all the information to make decisions. We are going to power our organizations to drive analytics to allow them to personalize to individual, to personalize into market, to personalize to whatever direction they value. Organizations like FOX Australia use Isilon as their media ingest player, Isilon is the backend that
enables them to ingest the content.

Isilon delivers all data accessed across any federated data source anywhere in the environment and brings data in one place making it actual. Flash is evolving from old flash version of Isilon giving customers the ability to move from slow decision making to real time decision making analytics across product development communicates to customers before they have any problem and comprehend them. Flash as a direction specifically run Isilon is to give customers whatever analytics they require for business and enable them to take real times decision.

There are lot of organizations who are evolving from traditional to modernized digital technology. There are also organizations that are moving slowly because the nature of their business due to regulations and governance, the ability to just up and change and to make decisions are much harder. With the EMC team we help customers to understand that the regulatory need to move to the new platform. To get better and smarter decisions, it necessary to make a business plan inclusive of the new platform which will result into deeper insights, better decision making, more engaged decision making. Big data is about taking organizations to a new platform. This allows getting faster decision which also brings cultural change in the organization.

NAS is where all the workload is connected. It could be a word document, an excel document, imaging files and these are really the piece of information optimized in the network. NAS has been traditionally storage dedicated to consolidate service. NAS continues to be the platform where to connect traditional protocols, Isilon has invested heavily as these protocols come online and support customer demand over the curve both in terms of traditional Isilon products and cloud. EMC has brought product to market like ECS- elastic cloud storage which allows users to create their own product content layout on premise and federate Isilon using the platform cloud that allows information to be shared. Isilon software refined product allows customers to bring together small locations for research operations and federate that information together. We understand the dynamics of public cloud and private cloud pay and bring together the core data center and strategy to make sure how a customer chooses to deploy it.