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DeepBiz: Revitalizing the Make in India Telematics Ecosystem Globally


Big data will continue to present a major challenge for scientific research in the years to come. Data acquisition, computing platforms, data storage architectures, compute provisioning & management, networks & communication and data analytics cover the most crucial needs of IT infrastructures. This demands high-performance computing which will require automation and virtualization to manage growing amounts of data, without involving proportionately more people. At the same time, access to resources within and across different scientific infrastructures must be made secure and transparent to foster collaborations. Headquartered in Bangalore, DeepBiz Technologies is an IT consulting and services company which provides products and services to its clients to rectify these challenges and monetize clients’ effort in all major IT relevant industries, especially, finance, utilities, mobile, insurance, manufacturing, telecom, retail, travel and tour. With a mission to provide value added services, founded in 2011, the company has been successfully developing mobile applications on hybrid and native languages for its clients and its global mobility delivery serves more than 100 plus clients in all major geographies. DeepBiz is one of the few companies that can provide design, manufacture and test Telematics Devices under MAKE IN INDIA guidance. “Value addition is attained through perfecting a work framework and adding infinite testimonials to products. With our service intended to satisfy the growing customer needs, we have our major customers in US and UK and have expanded our business to Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Ireland, Sri Lanka and South Africa.” says Muthu Swamy, CEO, DeepBiz.
The company has built a Mobile Application Test Lab (MAT – Lab), a device based testing division for mobile applications. Along with this service, DeepBiz provides a range of IT services to its clients such as IT Infrastructure solutions, Enterprise solution, Consulting and Business Intelligence.
Unlike other legacy migrations in terms of data as well as applications, DeepBiz’s migration and engineering services help to tackle migrating issues by implementing and integrating the existing applications to the cloud platform.
Company’s Telematics Division, with services such as iGateway, iCareU and FleetERP, are widely used by a variety of companies in the Automobile, Insurance, Healthcare and service industries.
iGateway is a Smart Hybrid Platform for the Telematics Industry offered by DeepBiz with exclusive features for small to large enterprises. Some of the key features are Vehicle Tracking, Personal Tracking, Asset Tracking, Mobile Resource Tracking, Employees Tracking and Pet Animals Tracking. Utilizing Big Data Analysis, the fleet owners are now able to ensure the safety, condition, prediction and forecast the value of claim, such as the PAYD – Pay-As-You-Drive or PHYD-Pay-How-You-Drive insurance benefits.
ICareU is an innovative cloud platform to provide an end-to-end Usage Based Insurance Solution to an Indian Motor Insurance Companies to adopt and implement a cost effective Insurance service to their customers. ICareU is a highly secured cloud based UBI Platform to connect GPS/OBD devices with Vehicles, managing and analyzing driving data, providing BI analytical reports and forecasting the total CarePoints scored by the vehicle to the insurers.
FleetERP is an ERP catering to vehicles with features like Vendor Management, Supplier Management, Repairs and Maintenance Management. To reduce the overall expenses on the fleet efficiently and to improve the maintenance cost, features such as SMS/Email alerts for insurance, driver license and RC/FC alerts have been included.

Secrets to Success
DeepBiz provides its clients with the necessary set of tools and services to become efficient. The company's partnership approach allows its clients to save money and get a higher return on investment. The company has been investing in its products by adding a variety of functionalities and innovating higher quality cloud based services with the most recent advancements in technology for the benefit of its clients and users. Being a technology driven company, Deepbiz takes pride in the technical background of its workforce. While providing cost effective solutions, DeepBiz operates under flexible timings favoring clients from different time zones. The integrative flexibility of Telematics services inspired the company to provide high class telematics products and solutions which are now used globally. In the field of sensors, tracking consoles and other control systems, the team shoulders main responsibility by providing high quality economic solutions. Their Make in India Telematics devices like GPS device varies to six different flavors. The Company’s tracking platform solution through GPS/LBS such as vehicle tracking and asset tracking do not hold limits to expand to the needs of customer and can be customized indefinitely. DeepBiz’s well equipped research team is keen on incorporating latest devised inventions like the RFID (Radio frequency identification) which helps in non contact identification of tagged products instantly and many more adaptions from the camera to the biometric devices have added weight to their research infrastructure. The application testing lab is a testimony of all the latest OS and application systems that are tested.

Future Roadmap
“We are focusing on healthcare and vehicle insurance sectors in terms of usage based insurance. In India we don’t have usage based insurance and sensing the potential of UBI, we have ventured and moving ahead we want to bring it to the businesses.”, Muthu Swamy shares the future plans of DeepBiz.Intending to focus on various areas such as wearable technologies, big tablets, mobile cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobile security. The company is planning to extend its services to European and American markets.