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DeltaProactive: Uniquely Approaching Risk Mitigation and Management


With the advancement of numerous online technologies, new cyber threats have been rising rapidly. Following the surge of these threats, Enterprises are susceptible to risks and data loss of vital Informational assets and Intellectual properties. Most common security threats and issues in today’s era of technology are data theft, malwares, phishing, Advanced Persistent Threats etc. DeltaProactive Risk Management Pvt. Ltd. which is one of the main subsidiaries of FLUXONIX Corporation is positioned in the market to help enterprises with regards to Risk Management focusing on Technology, Policy, Process and people aspect of the business. The company is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra with presence in over 5 countries. “Earlier perspective was that data was not that much important but now it has a paramount value. So we have got our own proprietary services and products using which we provide customized enterprise risk management solutions to various verticals,” says Anshul Abhang, Managing Director & CEO of FLUXONIX Group. DeltaProactive was founded in 2010. Additionally,as the company is also in alliance with leading product companies such as IBM, FireEye, HP, RSA, Codenomicon, McAfee, Symantec etc. that makes it well equipped with sufficient resources to provide an extensive risk management solution.

Customized Threat Mitigation Strategy
Currently online threats have become customized for a particular organization.“That’s where enterprises have to be prepared. It is the biggest threat in the market,” says Anshul. DeltaProactive offers propriety services and products to mitigate threats. “Our products are highly customized towards our particular clients,” adds Anshul.
The company implements a holistic risk management program by gathering all information of the client and its assets. Then the technical team performs a risk assessment to identify possible risks. Based on in-depth assessment, DeltaProactive team comes up with a customized strategy for a particular enterprise. After that the propriety products come into picture and the team consults clients in designing, architecting, customizing and eventually deploying the threat mitigation solution for a particular enterprise of a particular vertical.

Infrastructure and technical talent
DeltaProactive helps to choose the right solutions for all technological and non-technological requirements. Having expertise of working with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and other large organizations, DeltaProactive has been helping clients to identify and eradicate various risks involved in business operations. The company comprises of Security Testing team, Vulnerability Assessment Engineers, Penetration Testers, Application Security team, Fraud Risk Management team, Identity and Access Management solutions group, R&D Threat Intelligence team and Cyber Security team. “Our team of experts approach security mitigation strategies from all angles and report threats update on daily basis to eradicate risks eventually,” adds Anshul.

Expanding the Horizon
DeltaProactive has already started its operations in Middle East, North America and South East Asia. The company now plans to touch Europe and African market in coming days by forming regional teams at various locations and providing security solutions in a particular region. “By 2020 we want to be world’s number one independent risk management company,” concludes Anshul.