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CIO Review >> Magazine >> September - 2014 issue Cloud Technology: The Next Big Thing In Indian Education


If someone had asked you whether your school or college was ready for data digitization two decades ago you would have probably given a negative response without even thinking.

But things have changed now. Virtually every institute in India is connected to the internet. The administration files data on powerful servers and students can access well-equipped computer laboratories.

But a student doing research from a computer at the school lab or a member of staff working on financial management software at the administrator’s office is not exactly what we are talking about here.

We are talking about having the institution’s data stored and updated in multiple servers on the cloud and being accessible to all stakeholders at all times, from everywhere, on an array of devices: an integrated ERP system on the cloud.

Integrated ERP Systems on Cloud for educational institutes, why now?
Perhaps the biggest technological shift that has happened in the last decade is the availability of internet accessing device to everyone, including teenagers.

These devices can be used in a school setting to share critical information such as timetables, syllabus, learning materials, financial reports, assignments and attendance reports. Report generation is a key USP which helps institutes and students analyze their productivity and thereby improve their efficiency.

Why are schools and colleges today shifting from conventional software to integrated ERP systems on cloud?
Each passing day, institutions across the country are seeing the need to virtualize resources, services and processes for accessibility to every stakeholder from anywhere around the world.

This reduces the time wasted on tasks, ensures more efficient use of resources and opens up access to services that were not there in the first place.

How do's solutions differ from those of its competitors?
Our system is extremely comprehensive and provides a detailed coverage of activities that are performed in an institute and yet it is extremely easy to use. We have performed an in depth analysis of how institutes work and have pioneered a system of role based access which ensures security and flexibility. Our solution is also open source which serves as a great advantage for advanced users of ERP systems. You can make as many detailed changes as you can on the system in order to meet your particular needs without our assistance.

How is positioned to address security challenges that come with generation and sharing of a lot of data?
We appreciate that security of data is an essential component of any school or college long-term communication strategy. In order to preempt any risks involved, our servers are designed with up to seven layers security system, including multi-factor authentication requirements.