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GoFrugal Technologies: An Enterprise cloud solution for Retail, Distribution & SCM


Retail supply chain plays an important role in a country's development process. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is undergoing dramatic changes due to globalization, rise of e-commerce and penetration of mobile devices. Though supply chains are becoming highly sophisticated and complex, they are extremely important for retail business agility and growth. Harnessing the opportunities of this global supply chain, while managing its complexities and risks is a big challenge that retail CIOs have to engage in. The Chennai based GoFrugal Technologies addresses all these challenges with its state of the art technological solutions.

Founded in 2004, the company recognizes copious challenges faced by SCM industries today such as adoption of system at the dealer or distributor level, lack of transparency and trust in the supply chain ecosystem, keeping pace with the rapidly emerging enterprise mobility applications, security, and optimization of the overall cost. To handle all these intricacies, GoFrugal provides end-to-end business automation solutions for Retail, Distribution and Supply Chain business and manages information in the supply chain with innovative solutions. "We invest time to understand the perspectives of all the stake holders as well as their requirements and deliver solutions accordingly," says Kumar Vembu, Founder & CEO, GoFrugal Technologies.

To manage data in a supply chain effectively, the organization has implemented data synchronization logic in which the central store data server holds a copy of relevant data. The archival data is taken from this database so that the dealer or distributor level data is always stored in the central server to prevent data mismatch. The service oriented architecture of the central server component, along with its built-in service monitoring and management layers, ensure early detection of any failure, and thus, quick service restoration.

Similarly, to address the growing concerns over retail security, the company provides Head Quarter (HQ) solution. Completely web based and mobile-enabled, HQ can be deployed in the cloud with the best of data security and privacy policies or in a data center of the retail CIOs' choice. In addition, GoFrugal also recommends the right cloud hosting partner, if required. "From a technological point of view, dealer concerns require a granulated control on data so that only those related to supply chain management of a dealer is shared and not the confidential one," adds Vembu.

The organization is committed to its customers and strives to help them go the extra mile. GoFrugal runs Assure 24x7 response center with clearly defined assured response for more than 50 categories of service requests. The focus of every member at GoFrugal is to deliver success and enhanced user-experience to its customers.