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Hurix: The Certainty Route to Automated Software Testing


In today’s fast changing business environment, software product companies are under constant pressure to deliver new applications faster and cheaper. The expectations from digital content providers is to make sure that all applications are fine-tuned to deliver to every end-user expectation across devices, operating systems, and locations at no extra cost. With the number of end-users registering exponential growth across all sectors, software testing today is constantly evolving.

Technology and platforms are not limited to the desktop and web – they extend to multiple OS platforms, mobile devices and other responsive web applications. During product development cycles, tests need to be conducted to ensure quality. To test diverse applications, multiple test automation tools need to be procured and testing environments need to be set up. Besides, technical and quality assurance teams need to be brought to speed with training and experimentation.

Every time the source code is modified, tests need to be re-conducted. All iterations in the software need to be tested on all browsers and other operating systems. Manual testing is both time consuming and subject to human error. Automation testing addresses all the challenges presented by manual testing. These tests can be conducted multiple times across iterations, saving both time and money.

Headquartered in Mumbai and with offices in Texas, Chennai, Pune and New York, Hurix Systems has invested in and developed best-in-class automation testing tools and methodologies to test products across the product development cycle. Incepted in 2000, this CMM4 level company offers software testing services for publishers, institutions, and corporates, delivered under flexible business arrangements.

Hurix understands that manually testing an application to find defects or bugs is time consuming, expensive, tedious and subject to human error. “Given the sheer proliferation of various device types and OS versions, it has become critical to introduce measures of automation in the testing rather than relying on manual testing,” says Srikanth Subramanian, EVP Sales and Product Solutions at Hurix Systems.The company follows a progressive automation testing approach that uses software tools to run detailed, repetitive and data-intensive tests in order to improve software quality and ensure that the products meet the demands of the new market.

Says Srikanth, “Our testing systems help businesses deliver high quality products by providing solutions that integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies and future-ready processes. Our domain-specific tools, techniques and processes are designed to ensure rich end-user experience with greater emphasis on performance and security.”Hurix provides software product testing service across the product lifecycle with flexible engagement models to gain cost, scale, and bandwidth benefits. What sets the company apart from competition is its strong globalization and localization testing capabilities that ensure that the products meet local demands of new markets. The company has developed specialized quality frameworks, tools, accelerators and methodologies to ensure cost-effective product testing. As the competition in the IT sector grows stiffer, the pressure to deliver high quality products with fewer resources and in limited time, has increased manifold. Software product companies launching new products need to find the right testing partnership to sustain their essential testing activities and retain a competitive edge.

As a reliable partner, Hurix provides complete testing experience from functional testing to specialized testing. Sums up Srikanth, “Our capabilities provide our clients scale through complete testing solutions and allow them to focus on new launches while bettering the existing product portfolio. Further, our specialized pricing models ensure significant cost benefits.”