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Lantoris: Offering Extensive Portfolio in Cyber Security Education and E-learning


The cyber security market is estimated to become worth more than $155 billion by 2019, at a CAGR of over 10 percent. The exponential growth of the market is creating a huge demand for security professionals and there is a need for high class training to provide the industry with professionals who have hardcore security expertise. Lack of specialized courses in cyber security for bachelors and professionals is aggravating the predicament. LANTORIS Education, headquartered in Pune, comes to the rescue of this market by providing learning programs covering the entire spectrum of cyber security. From school students to professionals looking for a Masters program, the company caters to their particular needs through its wide range of cyber security programs and different delivery modes. The company also has deep expertise in content transformation services.
Lantoris is partner with the three major global bodies which are into cyber security education: International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, ISACA and (ISC)2. “We are the only company in India which has partnered with all the three bodies. We provide official training for the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants by being the authorized training center. We provide education for ISACA through a partner as well as we provide education and testing for (ISC)2,” says Anshul Abhang, Director & CEO, LANTORIS Education. The company is leveraging this partnership to provide high quality education through its global pool of certified trainers.

Evolving with technology
In a time when technology is evolving at a rapid pace, it is obligatory to change with it. Lantoris is ahead of its competitors in the security education segment by aligning its course material, time and again as per the latest technological advancements. “We have a sister company called DeltaProactive Risk Management, it is a consulting business for enterprise risk management. The sister company has a number of experts and a dedicated R&D team that helps Lantoris creates the most updated learning material,” adds Anshul. The company looks out for the market updates and incorporates the same in its course structure immediately. Being a part of FLUXONIX Corporation, the sister companies - Lantoris and DeltaProactive work like a joint ecosystem.
Lantoris offers its training programs through various delivery modes. On one hand it provides instructor-led and online courses to help an organization and its employees stay up to date with technologies important to their job, while on the other hand it offers virtual classroom training wherein an instructor delivers course information through a web conferencing application and hands-on exercises to be performed in an online lab. Lantoris helps the individuals assess their knowledge about the security terminologies and concepts through Cyber Security Aptitude Assessment Examination (CASE). Designed by Lantoris, CASE is the only security aptitude examination in the market. The basic purpose of the test is to evaluate candidates based on their aptitude. The examination is intended to help organizations assess if the resource has the required security aptitude. Lantoris is also coming up with a virtual labs platform called i-kurukshetra which is a complete online environment for the hands on exercises.
With its portfolio consisting of a broad spectrum of training programs which are regularly updated as per the new technological milestones, Lantoris is one step ahead of its competitors. The multitude of delivery modes offered by the company makes it much more than an education company. “We are not just an education company. We are an organization which can help individuals understand whether cyber security is a right career for them or not,” says Anshul. With such dedication and the kind of global associations it has, Lantoris is all set to lead this market with high margin.

Content Transformation Expertise
A testimony to its potential is the growth which it has shown in content transformation services which is a major part of its business now. The company started offering this service a year back and has grown by leaps and bounds. Lantoris has its own dedicated team of graphic designers, instructional designers, content writers, subject matter experts, quality assurance professionals as well as programmers and it provides content transformation services to enterprises and government organizations. For those who have a course content which is being taught in the class and they want to convert it into E-learning, the company helps them convert that entire course into E-learning module with proprietary and scientific methods.
Considering the fact that the industry has become proactive and it understands the need of security, the demand for cyber security professionals is bound to surge further. Buckling up for this challenge, Lantoris has plans to set up operations outside India as well and it is trying to reach out to more and more organizations and institutions. By 2020, the company envisages to become world’s best cyber security training company with expertise in content transformation services.