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Lintel Technologies: Customized Call Center Solutions that Help Create Value


Today’s contact centers have disparate technologies in place. The challenge has been to effectively integrate various technologies into the contact center while ensuring a consistent customer experience. As technologies deployed from different vendors are not fully integrated, it requires assistance from such a vendor who has expertise in customizing disparate technologies to provide seamless and personalized call center service. Considering various call center requirements of customers and SMEs, Ahmedabad based Lintel Technologies has been providing personalized call center solutions and telephony development products since its inception in 2008. Along with its nerve center in Gujarat’s financial capital, Lintel Technologies also has presence in Hyderabad.

Lintel’s Telephony app development service encompass Computer Telephony Integration, Predictive, Power and auto dialer solution, Telephony consulting service, Unified Communications, Hosted PBX Development service, Communication and Call Center Software Platform. To provide telephony services, the company leverages technologies such as FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, OpenSIPS and Kamailio. By using these technologies, Lintel Technologies has developed in-house call center solutions and products.

One differentiating factor compared to other vendors is, Lintel offers its products and solutions at a low CAPEX or Monthly rental model. This way, customers don’t have to shell out huge amounts of money before they start making their first buck on their call center process. Lots of times integration of telephony systems with existing CRMs/ERPs is key to success of that process. Lintel with its in-house development team excels in integrating any type of CRM/ERP or other customer or process specific software with its telephony infrastructure. Some of the top Indian corporates depend on Lintel for human resource and IT infrastructure for running their call center process. So, Lintel is truly one stop shop solution for all your call center needs.

Lintel Media Gateway is one of its products through which call center executives can build one IP transport network and use it for both voice and data. The company’s Media Gateway solution enables carriers use their existing IP and bypass the PSTN transmission core without compromising existing quality or stability. As enterprises today require the ability to interact with their customers effectively, they need a flexible way to assist their customers without tying up their valuable resources. Lintel’s Voice Menu Interactive Voice response is the answer to the problem which helps users create their own dynamic call flows based on their individual requirements.

To convert every visitor into a prospective client, Lintel offers a web based call back service known as Lintel Click to call. This product connects visitors to a website’s business executive call center agent or advertiser on a website which ultimately allows website owners to immediately get in touch with the visitors on personal level. IP Private Branch Exchange is Lintel’s another offering which enables customers to integrate with existing electronic private automatic branch exchange (EPABX). To provide detailed outgoing call reports and campaign list with unlimited voice files upload facility, Lintel Voice Broadcasting solutions is made available.

In addition to Call Center Solutions, Lintel Technologies also offers other IT services such as Mobile Development, Web Development, Telephony Development, Desktop Development, and Cloud Computing Solutions apart from UX designs. Lintel understands the challenges of start-ups as well as the needs of established organizations and is geared up to address the challenges by providing innovative call center and IT solutions in the future.